Friday, 23 August 2019

Sleep peacefully on your next Flight with these 3 Tips

Travelling can be a stressful task, whether you are flying a short distance or flying to the other side of the world, it’s stressful all the same!

Short trips seem to be a little easier as they are over before you know it; however, the long flights seem to last for an eternity! Here are 3 important tips on how to get some proper sleep on those long journeys.

Plan your Trip to the Tee! 

When planning, it is smarter to choose the non-stop flight. There is nothing worse than getting comfortable and drifting off to sleep and being interrupted only to change planes. However if your flight plan doesn't have a non-stop flight option, try choosing an option with the longest single leg as this will give you ample resting time and you’ll have more uninterrupted time to snooze.

Dress Comfortably!

Always remember that you are not entering a beauty pageant, you are about to sit in a seat for a lengthy period and there is nothing worse than being in clothes you can’t truly relax in. In your carry on it is a good idea to pack a pair of comfortable pajama bottoms and some woolly socks. When the plane has reached its cruising point and you are able to get up and walk around you should use this opportunity to climb into something a little more comfortable.

Prepare your body!

Keep hydrated during the day so you can avoid eating and drinking on the plane and adding unnecessary bathroom breaks. Most people will use sleeping pills and other prescription sleeping aids to help them get some rest; it’s recommended that you consult a medical professional before jumping to these extremes. Avoid caffeine and sugar; rather drink sips of water but not too much as you’ll be running to the restroom every hour.

If none of these tips help and you still find you are struggling to sleep, you can always rest. Try closing your eyes with some music on and lay back, more often than not you’ll land up getting some sleep in.

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Friday, 2 August 2019

6 Winter Holiday Travel Tips for your Next Trip!

Travelling is stressful, especially so during the winter season when the airports are busy and the temperatures have dropped. The roads are busy and rain and storms can delay your journey.

Unfortunately, the bad weather doesn’t just disappear if you wish hard enough; you have to do things differently in order to smooth your trip along.

Here are 6 helpful ways to use on your next winter trip:

Always check your flight – If your flight is coming from a city with bad winter weather then it can hold up your flight, don’t just assume that if you’re flying from a sunny destination to another that everything will be smooth sailing. Always check your aircraft's journey, no matter where you’re going.

Never drive in a storm – Keep an eye on the local weather forecast. If you’re planning on driving around or travelling to your next destination rather consider not hitting the road if there is a possibility that you’ll drive straight into a storm.

Rebook for free – A lot of airlines will actually track the weather and rearrange schedules to avoid bad winter weather, especially if it is bad enough that it can become dangerous for flight. Certain airlines will often allow customers to rebook for free if this happens.

Follow on social media – It is convenient to follow your airline as well as the specific airport on their social media pages so you can get the fastest news on the weather reports as well as cancellations and updates.

Charge your devices – If your flight is delayed there will probably be a crowd of people at the electrical outlets. Always have a car charger or a power bank at the ready for your electrical devices so you don’t have to share with the rest of the airport while you wait.

Have snacks prepared – Always stock up on snacks and drinks before you head to the airport as they’ll keep you going strong without spending all your holiday cash at the stores at the airport. 
Avoid drinking before you fly, rather drink water and snack on dried fruits and nuts. Read our blog on what you should NEVER eat before flying.

As much as you try, the bad winter weather won’t just go away! You need to plan and prepare yourself so you can reach your destination in peace and have a wonderful holiday!

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Thursday, 11 July 2019

Enjoy a Safe Journey with Airport Shuttle!

A lot of airport transfer companies in Cape Town these days look like they offer professional, reliable services, however many are just out to scam you out of your money and potentially put your life at risk!

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4. Do not worry about your driver stopping and picking up different passengers along with way – all our airport transfers are booked on a private, point-to-point basis!

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Friday, 3 May 2019

Luggage Tampering & Theft at Airports – Here’s how to reduce the risk of becoming a victim!

Theft at the airports in South Africa is a major problem that needs a solution. It may surprise some people, even frequent travellers to know that thousands of bags get tampered with on a regular basis.

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One of the most popular items that are stolen by thieves in the airport is expensive perfume. So, if you’re into high-end perfume – do not pack it into your check-in luggage when you’re travelling!

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Here are some simple ways you can reduce the risk of becoming the next victim of luggage theft and loss…

1. Try your best never to check your luggage – If possible rather carry on one bag and you won’t have to lug around unnecessary things that can get stolen or lost.

2. Do not place your valuable items in your checked luggage – Not only can your valuable items get stolen, but they can also get damaged!

3. Ship valuable items to your destination – If you cannot or refuse to carry your valuable items in your luggage then consider shipping them. This is especially important during the holiday season where luggage is more likely to contain gifts.

4. Do not use expensive luggage – Keep in mind that thieves will most likely target luggage that is expensive over inexpensive luggage.

5. Always have proper identification on your luggage – This will not necessarily stop theft, but should your luggage get lost it will increase the chances of your baggage getting returned to you.

6. Does your luggage stand out? – Bright red bag may attract a potential thief, however it can help you instantly identify that it is yours.

7. Lock your checked luggage – As potential thief is less likely to attempt to steal or tamper with a piece of luggage that has been secured with a lock!

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Luggage theft and tampering is a big problem – Travellers as well as the airlines need to face the problem together to find a possible solution!

Friday, 12 April 2019

5 Mother-Daughter Trips that will bring you two even closer for Mother’s Day!

All differences aside, having a mother-daughter relationship is great, and most of the time the two of you will make a lovely pair of travel buddies!

So if you’re looking for a little inspiration for your next mother-daughter trip together or you’re planning something special for Mother’s Day, here are 5 ideas that will taking your relationship to the next level!

Safari Expedition – Does your mother have an eye for adventure and exploring? If so, she’ll love visiting the Serengeti which is filled with elephants, baby wildebeests and giraffes playing in the bush. Now the hard part is just deciding where to go.

Woman Holding Her Camera

Wellness Retreat – Cleanse the mind, body and soul at a holistic getaway that will take your mother-daughter relationship to the next level. Be sure to pack a journal and be prepared to give up the booze while you’re there!

Brown and White Wooden House on Green Forest

Vineyard Tour – Wine lovers will appreciate travelling from one vineyard to the next, testing their knowledge and getting a little tipsy. There are many must-visit regions where the vineyards are abundant as well as charming, so choosing one might be the most difficult part of this trip.

Blueberry With Green Leaves during Daytime

Foodie Adventure – Some moms love museums, while others would just love to eat their way through a city! If you and your mother are both proud foodies then plan an entire trip based around food and what meals you’ll be eating. Better yet – take some cooking classes while you’re at it and you might just learn a thing or two.

Woman in Black Crew-neck Top in Front of Table

Glamping Girl’s Trip – You both love the great outdoors, so plan a trip that includes sleeping under the stars and waking up to watch the rising sun and enjoy the fresh air. A girl’s glamping trip means you’ll not only be able to enjoy nature but also a hot shower and a warm dinner too.

Pine Trees Under Starry Night Sky

Mother-daughter trips are a great way to become each other’s best travel buddy – If you need a little inspiration consider these 5 ideas! 

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Friday, 22 March 2019

3 ways to get around in Cape Town

Visiting a new country or even a new city can be a scary and daunting thing. Not only are you a stranger in a new place, but you have no idea how to get from A to B in a safe, reliable way. Try your best not to become overwhelmed – the best thing you can do for yourself is to do some research and plan ahead.

Should you be visiting the Mother City, there are a range of different transportation options available, from hiring a car or taking the bus to using a professional airport transfer service such as Airport Shuttle in Cape Town.

Have complete peace of mind knowing you will have one less thing to stress about when you visit Cape Town. Here are the top 3 transportation options in Cape Town:

      1.       Airport Transfer – Airport Shuttle in Cape Town as well as Durban is a professional airport transfer service company that can get you where you need to be comfortably and on time. Use the simple online booking system to book and pay for your airport transfer in Cape Town!

      2.       MyCiTi Bus – If you are looking for a really cheap, efficient way to get around then the MyCiTi bus should be your next option, but keep in mind that they do not travel everywhere in Cape Town.

      3.       Care Hire – Hiring a car can be expensive, but if that is not an issue for you then you should consider it. Always remember that there are downsides such as the price of buying petrol as well as finding decent parking.

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Friday, 15 March 2019

Top 4 Travel Disasters

You’ve packed your spare undies, travel pillow and all your guidebooks, but what if you have to deal with a travel disaster that could possible ruin your entire holiday? Putting these travel disaster in the back of your mind will not prevent them from happening, however preparing for them can ease your pain!

Lost/Stolen Passport

A traveller’s worst nightmare is opening up your bag and discovering that your passport is not there! The main dilemma is that it is gone and you need to take action immediately. Backtrack to wherever you were before and search from corner to corner – it is also a good idea to keep a copy of your ID with you at all times.

Missed Flight

It is recommended that you always arrive at the airport 2 – 3 hours before your flight, missing a flight can happen to anyone even if you’re on time for everything; certain factors can result in you missing your flight such as bad weather and security checkpoints.

Lost Luggage

You’re waiting for your luggage, but none of the bags are yours – the airline has lost your luggage! Always hang on to your luggage claim ticket and make sure you contact details are on a label on your bag just in case this awful event occurs.

Illness or Injury

Getting sick when you’re not in the comfort of your own home can be scary, so the best way to deal with it is to prepare for the problem before it even occurs. Research the country’s emergency numbers as well as English-speaking doctors and hospitals.

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