Tuesday 24 February 2015

8 items you never pack… but should

No matter where you’re travelling next, there are a few things you can add to your grab-and-go bag that will make everything run a little smoother, these eight items may even turn you into the MacGyver of travel!

Power Strip Do you ever find that there is an outlet shortage at the airport? A multi-socket power strip can help you to share the juice from a single power outlet. By plugging all your electronics into the same place you’ll be less likely to leave one behind in your hotel room. There’s one catch though, if you are travelling abroad, you’ll need to use an adaptor and a converter.

Bandanna A bandanna has a long list of uses: hand towel, lens cleaner, eye mask, hair tie, headband, and scarf. But the cool thing is a bandanna can also work as a pillow when you tie it around a bundled up sweater, as a sling for an injured arm and even as a handbag to hold your belongings.

Duct Tape This item can be used for anything, from bandaging up exploding luggage to removing fluff from your clothing. Carry a small roll with you to patch tears in shoes, bags or clothing. You can even baby-proof your hotel room by covering outlets and securing drawers shut and so much more!

Travel Mug To prevent any damage carry your sunglasses or delicate souvenirs in an empty travel mug with a wide mouth (make sure it has a secure screw top). During your travels your mug can be an eco friendly to-go cup or a great place for stashing valuables in your hotel room.

Wet Wipes They are just for babies! Not only can you wipe your hands, but you can also kill germs on tray tables, doorknobs, tabletops and other public places. The alcohol in many wet wipes will also help remove stains quickly too!

Silicone Travel Bottles TSA-approved mini bottles are old news to experienced travelers, but their rigid plastic shells waste your expensive moisturizer, sunscreen and hair products that can’t be squeezed out! Enter the squishy travel bottles made out of transparent, soft silicone – easy to clean, flexible to pack and good til the last drop.

Safety Pins The safety pin is a multiple travel tool. Clasp the zippers of your bag together, use in place of a missing button, zipper pull or to fix other wardrobe malfunctions.

Tote Bag Many shops charge extra for plastic bags, that’s true for here in South Africa. So bring your own bag with an expandable tote. Bring one that is tough enough to toss around as a carry-on and handle picnic and beach items too. At the end of your trip you can put all your dirty laundry inside your tote and keep your other clothes clean and fresh.

Chances are you already own most of these items on the list, or you can buy them really cheap. The funny thing is you never how useful they can be during your travels!

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Written By: Christine Romans

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