Friday, 20 March 2015

How to save money on food when you travel

Food is one of the most expensive things to buy while you travel, but it is also one of the main areas where you can cut costs. Sometimes it is worth it to have that meal to make memories and taste the local cuisine, but not every meal should fall into that category. Here’s how to save on food expenses when you travel…

Bring a Water Bottle – During your travels you should have a reusable water bottle to keep yourself hydrated. You can fill up at some places that have accessible, safe drinking water, but just check beforehand. In especially warm climates, this tip can save you quite a bit! Although there may be vending machines or shops with drinks available, all those purchases can add up, so bring along your own water to avoid making that mistake.

Navigate Grocery Stores – It’s best to get familiar with the location of grocery stores near where you’ll be staying and where you’ll be around meal times. This is a clever way to stock up on snacks instead of buying them when you are near attractions (these are usually marked up for tourists). If you know where the local grocery stores are then you can also get supplies to create your own meals for breakfast, lunch and supper. Rather do this than eat out and waste money.

Fill Up on Breakfast and Lunch – Get your daily adventures off to a good start with a filling breakfast that gives you plenty of energy. Some places may not serve large breakfasts, so finding a restaurant can be quite challenging. To avoid missing breakfast or wasting money on a meal, simply pick up some fruit or bread. Focus on getting your fill at lunch time and rather have a lighter supper, this way you can fuel the rest of your day’s activities and keep the coats of snacks low.

Find Meal Deals – If your accommodation includes meals, like breakfast, take full advantage! You don’t really have to stay somewhere expensive to have this benefit included either, many offer bread, jam and fruit and coffee/tea. You can also choose to split meals with others.

Avoid Tourist Traps – Generally, the restaurants near tourist attractions aren't going to provide you with a true local experience and they won’t be cheap either. Try to find places that are away from the tourist swarm, they are often worth the extra travel!

When you save money on food, it frees up quite a lot of funds for other things like attractions, better accommodation and memorable souvenirs. What are your tips on cutting travel food costs.

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Written By: Christine Romans

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