Monday, 31 August 2015

Games you can play on your next flight

There may be a time when you are stuck on a flight with nothing to read, listen to or watch. This is when you have to find a way to entertain yourself! From the traditional games to the plain weird, here are some games you can play on your next flight.

1. How long can you last without putting your seat back?

Everybody’s hand is always hovering over the button, just waiting to squeeze. The moment the person in front of you caves and leans their seat back, you’re forced to hit your button too. See how long you can last before the seat in front of you touches your nose.

2. Can you stare out the window without making the person with the window seat uncomfortable?

It’s nice to have the aisle seat for the legroom, but a glance out the window won’t hurt. Your challenge is to look past them subtly without making the person with the window seat assume you want to talk to them.

3. Order something using another language

A foreign flight is the best time to test your French, especially since you last spoke a word of it thirty years ago. When the flight attendant replies to your order in your own language though, that means you’ve lost the game.

4. Visit the tiny bathroom

It doesn’t matter if you have to use it or not, just get in there! The game element occurs when you try to get up before anyone else. Sometimes someone in a row ahead might beat you there, leaving you awkwardly standing with everyone staring at you. This is when you know you’ve lost the game.

5. I Spy

Be warned, if you do decide to play I Spy, try to play it with another person. If you play alone, it’s just looking at things and you’ve missed the point completely. Plus it may be a bit creepy for the people around you.

6. How many times can you press the button for an attendant?

Flight attendants have an incredible amount of patience and calm, but just how much? Find out yourself by pressing the call button every ten minutes, try playing during a night flight when everybody’s asleep. The flight attendants will simply love you.

7. See how long you can ignore the stranger who wants to talk to you

Oh no, the person next to you looks like a nervous flyer. The best thing to do is try and pretend you are completely absorbed in your book. If they try to talk to you, hold your nerve and ignore them. At least try and see how long you can hold out!

Do you recognise any of these games? Next time when you are bored on your flight, try some of these and you may be able to entertain yourself without getting into too much trouble.

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