Monday, 15 February 2016

Sleep peacefully with these 8 ridiculous travel pillows

Back in the day, it would be the norm to dress in your Sunday best to board a plane. However, these days you are more likely to spot someone in their pajamas with a bright yellow travel pillow around their neck.

If you’re looking for a ridiculous sleeping solution, you won’t be disappointed. There are plenty of manufacturers who choose to go to the extremes of creativity for producing travel pillows. Here are a few favourites…

Something for seafood lovers
From Japanese creators Kerchair you can now rest your head on a realistic looking shrimp. Yes, you read correctly – a shrimp! Anyone fancy having a good night’s rest on a tempura prawn?

For those who like to be strapped in
You’re certainly going to love this travel seatbelt pillow thingy-majingy from Travelrest. Perhaps the design gives you that extra feeling of safety.

Someone who has neck issues
Scientifically proven super soft neck pillow from Trtl might look a bit weird, but who cares when its got the health factor, right? Swallow your fashion pride and think about your well-being.

For those fashionistas
The Ostrich Pillow makes for the perfect napping pod. It looks kind of like a giant marshmallow combined with a strange looking helmet. However, it’ll leave you feeling like you’re travelling through all the galaxies and beyond.

For the sad and lonely ones
Travelling solo? Looking for the love of your life? Well, don’t look any further, because now you can buy this totally awesome travel pillow arm from Deluxe Comfort that hugs you 24/7!

Something for the attention seekers
If you want to get that rest and nothing will stop you, then the pillow creation from Little Cloud Nine is perfect for you. This ingenious pillow is inflatable, foldable and it lets you adjust to your face size, plus it just shouts – “I’m a smart traveler.”

Perfect for the crazy cat lady
There will always be one crazy cat lady on board your flight and the chances are that she’ll already have one of these. If you’d like to join the cat cult then head over to Lifejoy for this creepy companion.

For the crafty types came up with a crazy, yet genius idea for those who have plenty of time on their hands. All you need is a pair of knitting needles and some yarn to make your very own giant knitted laptop-tent-shield.

It should be mandatory for everyone to have at least one of these hilarious travel pillows on hand when go on their next trip!

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