Friday, 8 April 2016

Do you have a nomads DNA? Here’s how to tell

Having a nomad’s DNA can be quite tiring. It’s not cool like having X-Men DNA or something. It’s like being an animal in a cage and you’re constantly planning your escape, but instead of a cage, it is a boring office job where you day dream about travelling somewhere, anywhere. Here’s how you know you’ve got a nomad’s DNA.

Every day you cruise travel sites and read travel blogs for inspiration.

There’ll be realisations that you haven’t gone travelling for two whole months.

So you start planning absurd scenarios in order to fund your travel addiction.

And the thought of another office meeting is just too much to bear.

You’ll book the cheapest seat on the cheapest airline going to some place you’ve never heard of.

You can only afford it if you stay in hostels, even though you feel old as hell in them.

You’re determined not to be just another tourist.

And you’ll get way too excited when you find a random hidden spot.

You’ll try everything once.

And you’ll learn to appreciate clean clothes as the luxury they are.

You’re always meeting interesting people.

Then you get home and your friends tell you it’s time to settle down and have a baby already.

 There’ll be a flood of people asking if travelling alone is scary.

Then you’ll spend the new few days figuring out how much it would cost to just travel forever.

Have you ever had any of these feelings? If so, then you’ve probably got a bit of that nomad DNA in you. Experience all these things on a daily basis – you’re a full on nomad!

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