Thursday 10 April 2014

5 Reasons to Travel...NOW!

Travelling can be a very personal thing. Everyone has a reason to do it and many will find reasons NOT to.

Today I will share some of my personal reasons for globetrotting and discuss their merit. I’ll also encourage you to discover your own reasons for travelling and their meaning to you.

Here are 5 reasons to travel and how it changes your life for the better:

It changes your perspective

We all get comfortable in our routines…and what happens when we get comfortable is that life becomes boring. Painfully boring. Getting out of your routine will give you a fresh perspective on life. You will learn new things and discover a whole new world outside your own!

Challenge yourself & your beliefs

Travelling, especially alone, can be an intimidating experience. Heading out into the unknown will teach you a lot about how to be adventurous and do things in the moment.

Jumping on that plane will push you past your reservations about leaving your comfort zone and immersing yourself in a different culture or vibe than you’re used to. Go ahead and eat that strange dish in a foreign country, get lost and find your way back to the hotel without asking for help…just do it!

I can guarantee that these experiences will help you grow as a person and get past emotional and physical limitations that are keeping you from living a crazy, fun and fulfilled life!

It changes your speed of thinking

When travelling you will notice there are lots of variables that challenge you to be creative & flexible. Your plans can change at any moment and you have to adapt instantaneously. The rain might start pouring down by the bucket loads on the day you planned to go hiking or do some outdoor sightseeing, you might leave your wallet at a restaurant, hotel or the bus, you might even miss the get-together of your tour guide! All these things will force you to think on your feet and act quickly if you want to enjoy your journey by grabbing every opportunity to go have fun and trying something new and different.

It teaches you discipline

Travelling teaches you persistence and self-reliance – both skills that will benefit you in your everyday life.

You need to be financially disciplined to budget and save for your trip, you need to get your travel documents (Visa’s & passports) and paperwork in order and you need to ensure that your vaccinations are up to date and that they comply with the requirements of the country you’re travelling to. You also have to arrange for your personal and home affairs to be taken care of while you’re away. Some questions/issues to consider: Who’s feeding your pets? Are the kids staying at home and do you have a reliable babysitter/caretaker? If you own a business, are your managers reliable?

As you can see, it takes hard work and discipline to accomplish your goal of travelling to another country.

It improves your self-confidence & adaptability

Can you think your way out of a difficult situation? Well…travelling will teach you just how to do that!

Placing yourself in a situation where you’re in over your head and managing to rise above will give your self-confidence the boost that it needs. If you don’t believe me, try navigating through a busy foreign airport…for the first time…alone…without any guidance. You feel on top of the friggin’ world when you get to the other side all by yourself!

Written by: Christine Kleyn
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