Monday 28 July 2014

A Bad Case of Wanderlust




1. A strong desire to travel.

“a man consumed by wanderlust”

I woke up this morning overcome by a bad case of wanderlust. On a daily basis I’m tempted to call an airport shuttle, head off to Cape Town International Airport and jet off to the Maldives, Zanzibar, or even more adventurous, Mallorca!

However, real life takes precedence over fantasies of white sandy beaches and instead I’m sitting at my desk writing this article. I’m daydreaming about sunbathing on a tropical island, horseback riding through a forest and sipping cocktails with my toes in the sand.

It’s not easy to overcome wanderlust, but a busy inbox and to-do list manages to distract my wandering mind sufficiently to get through the day relatively easy. I will keep myself occupied in the meantime, until the time comes when I can hop on that plane and go seek my heart’s desires.

Written by: Christine Kleyn

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