Monday, 13 July 2015

What your airplane seat says about you

Choosing your seat on an airplane is a big deal. Why? Well, it’s a rare opportunity to have some control over your environment when travelling, and that is very significant for a traveler.

Ask someone whether they’re an aisle of a window person, and they don’t hesitate to answer, so lets find out what your seat choice says about you.

If you’re an aisle person…
     -     You value freedom – Choosing an aisle seat is an expression of freedom. You know you have the ability to get up and walk around without having to ask anyone or climb over your seat mate.
     -    You’re an introvert – When stuck in a large group of people, introverts feel physically uncomfortable and tend to want have an easy escape route and don’t like to be surrounded by people or objects on all sides. The aisle seats checks those boxes more than any other.
     -     You’re all business – No gazing out the window and daydreaming for you. Plus it’s usually much more comfortable to sleep at the window, so you’ll likely be up working or reading a book.
     -     You like to be in a power position – You’re the first one to talk to the flight attendant when she asks what you want to drink. You control your seat mates in a sense – middle and window people need to ask you to go the bathroom – and you can set the tone for the interaction by either being nice or grumpy about it.
     -     You tend toward claustrophobic – Sitting on the aisle is about as much space as you get on board, unfortunately you can’t sit on the wing.

If you’re a window person…
     -     You value privacy – When you choose the window, there’s a wall on one side, so for the most part, and you’re insulated enough that you won’t be affected by other people’s behaviour. And you won’t have your seat mate asking you to move so he can go to the bathroom.
     -     You’re a nester – You can create your own little own space by the window. The spot feels cozier, and you can rest a pillow against the wall for more comfy naps.
     -     You’re a dreamer – Some people like to look out the window and think about all the amazing places out there that they can visit.
     -     You’re open to new experiences – The fact that the window allows you to watch the actual Rocky Mountains go by – which in your world that’s so much better than watching an in-flight movie about the Rockies – belies this trait.

If you’re cool with the middle seat…
     -     You’re an extrovert – Outgoing people like social contact, so they wouldn’t dread sitting between two strangers as much as others might.
     -     You’re highly evolved – Being okay with the middle seat, especially on a long flight, is an exercise in acceptance and willingness to allow what is be what is. If you’re able to give up your privacy and your autonomy, and realize it’s just a moment in time that will pass, you’re probably the most enlightened passenger on the plane.
     -     You’re considerate – Often when someone chooses the aisle seat, it’s because they’re with a friend or partner, and they’re doing it as a gift to the traveling companion.
     -     You’re low man on the totem pole – If you’re traveling with family or friends and you get stuck in the middle seat (as opposed to offering to sit there), it’s probably because you’re the one with the least amount of power in the group
     -     You’re disorganised – People who repeatedly end up with the middle seat may very well be there because they failed to sufficiently plan ahead. Get it together!

Do you spend your time obsessively checking before picking a seat, or do you even pay more for a certain position on the plane? Picking your seat is an important thing – Here’s what your seat choice reveals about you as a person!

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