Monday 20 October 2014

How to avoid jet lag

If you’re a traveler you know that it’s important to make the most of your holiday, but if you’re flying across time zones it can take a bit of time for your body to adjust, even up to several days, no one wants to waste their time away with all sorts of unpleasant feelings like fatigue, insomnia, confusion and irritability. Don’t worry if you’re travelling soon here are some effective things you can do to fight jet lag and what to do once it sets in.

Prepare your internal clock
A few days before you get on your flight, gradually shift your eating and sleeping times to match the destination you’re going to. Then more time zones you’re flying across the earlier you’ll have to start.

                                                                       Stay hydrated
Drink plenty of fluids before and on your flight, dehydration is one of the symptoms of jet lag. Always stay away from alcohol and caffeine!
Try to sleep on the plane
This is very important if you’re traveling overnight or flying east to west. Traveling is very tiring and it can drain your body completely, if you can afford it fly business or first class or just get a window seat and a pillow.

Use sleeping pills wisely
A sleeping pill with a short cycle can be useful on overnight flights, make sure you take the dosage correctly though, you don’t want to be groggy when you land.

Eat like you’ve already arrived
Avoid eating the food on the airplane, they’ll serve food based on the time zone you’re leaving. If you’re hungry just snack lightly and eat during what would be meal times at your destination.

Get outside
When you've arrived at your destination spend as much time as you possibly can outside in the sunlight, the exposure will help your body adjust to the new time zone.

Eat light meals
Not only is your sleep cycle adjusting but so is your digestive routine. Large, rich meals will make it harder for your body to adapt, stick to light meals in small portions.

Consider taking Melatonin
This is the hormone your body naturally creates around the time you usually go to bed, so if you take it at the time you want to tell your body to go to bed it can help your internal clock to adjust.

Jet lag can be the main killer of your productivity and enjoyment while traveling; do you really want to spend the first few days of your holiday sleepy and confused with no appetite? Keep these helpful little tips to almost try and “trick” Mother Nature into letting you fly around the world without getting jet lag.

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Written By: Christine Romans

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