Friday, 3 October 2014

The ten commandments of air travel

We've all experienced horrible things on plane rides; security hassles, annoying passengers, uncomfortable seats and constant headaches, it seems that way too often other passengers don’t have the common knowledge to follow some obvious rules, and so I give you the ten commandments of air travel:

                       I.    Thou shall arrive early to the airport
Arrive early to avoid getting hurried or holding someone up; you don’t want to start off your holiday with a panic attack.

                       II.    Thou shall not be a queue jumper
What is the point of pushing and shoving your way to the front of the line? The plane will not leave without you!

                       III.    Thou shall obey the hand-luggage rule
You can only store one bag in the overhead compartment, there is only so much space on board, you are flying not moving house.

                       IV.    Thou shall not fight the art rest war
There are no winners in this war, work out a compromise; share the space and don’t hog it the whole time.

                        V.    Thou shall not treat the flight attendants as thou personal slave
They work really hard to make your flight as enjoyable as possible, treat them with respect and don’t give them a hard time.

                        VI.    Thou shall be considerate in your reclining
Think before you push you seat back, check how much space the person behind you has before you wedge it down for 12 hours.

                       VII.    Thou shall not bring stinky food onto the plane
Yes you are hungry, but try to avoid bringing food that will stink up the cabin for the entire flight.

Thou shall not hog the bathroom
             Keep it quick; don’t do your make-up or hair in the mirror while seven people are waiting in the queue outside.

                        IX.    Thou shall lower the blind
When you have the window seat and you can see people are trying to sleep, lower the blind so they don’t get the blinding sun directly in the eyes.

Thou shall relax and enjoy oneself
             Face it there is no point in complaining and finding fault with everything, just try to relax and enjoy the flight, your holiday will start soon.
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           Written By: Christine Romans

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