Friday 12 June 2015

Gift the travelers in your life with an Airbnb gift card

The company, Airbnb, now allows customers to buy gift cards for its short-term rentals platforms. The VP of the company, Mike Curtis announced at the company’s conference that you can now give the gift of Airbnb!

It was also revealed that there are new tools for hosts that make it easier for them to set prices and get the exact types of bookings they want.

Gift cards are available on Airbnb’s website and are sent to recipients via email, though you’re able to personalize the looks of the gift cars with a variety of different travel photos. The credits don’t expire and can be used at any of the company’s listings around the world!

The new personalization tools for hosts aim to make it easier for them to get bookings. They include a new price recommendation feature called price tips, which will begin rolling out soon.

The company recently wrote in a blog post, “You’ll be able to get personalized, daily pricing information right in your calendar, so you can see how adjusting your price could increase your chances of getting booked, or take advantage of strong interest in visiting your area.”

Finally, Airbnb is doing more to personalise search results based on the preferences of the host. Some hosts prefer more frequent, but shorter stays, while others prefer less frequent but longer stays.

Airbnb will now take these types of preferences into account when surfacing search results to travelers – so search results for two days in Paris and two weeks in Paris may turn different sets of results.

So, give the traveler in your life a Airbnb gift card and put the world at their doorstep!

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