Monday, 8 June 2015

Quick Survival Tips if you are ever stuck at the Airport

Stuck at the airport? It could be for a number of reasons; a winter storm, a late flight or technical issues. Whatever the reason may be, make sure you are fully prepared with some of these invaluable tips.

Keep your cell ready > As soon as your flight cancellation is announced, quickly call the airline or your travel agent. You can book a new flight to prevent you from getting stuck at the airport again.

Get a business lounge day pass > Many airports now offer one-day passes to their business lounges for a small fee, which means access to  a business centre with desks, data ports, computers, WiFi hotspots and sometimes even showers.

Look beyond the gate > If you don’t need to camp out right at your gate, consider relocating to one of the less busy eateries inn the terminal, where you’re more likely to find an available electrical outlet.

Pamper yourself > If you’ve got the time and money, most major airports have reasonably priced services for massages, facials and haircuts to help the time go by a little more pleasantly.

Stock up on supplies > Most airport’s food stores close before midnight, so if you’re stuck overnight, make sure you stock up on enough food and drink to last the night.

Practice safe napping > If you have to take a nap, put your feet on top of your bags. Stick your cash and credit cards in your shoe or in the pocket of your pants.

Network > Getting cancelled can actually mean a great opportunity to network and make connections with fellow business travelers. Carry extra business cards just in case!

Have you tried any of these tips before?  Make sure you are prepared just in case cancellations or delays occur at the airport.

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