Tuesday, 9 June 2015

More bad habits of ineffective hotels

Last week we looked at the bad habits of ineffective hotels, but it seems like there is more to the list that was previously discussed. Cheap hotels shouldn’t get a free ride just because they are considered to be budget accommodation, so here are more habits of ineffective hotels – the budget version.

#1 Mini-bar – Having a fridge in your room is great, but having a mini-bar – not so much! Although some people sneak a snack or two and then put it back before anyone notices, some hotels actually charge you for the item even if you put it back.

#2 Hygiene – Who ever said that a small bathroom doesn’t matter obviously hasn’t seen some hotels where the toilet is literally inside the shower! Yes, it’s great not to share a bathroom, but if you can’t even manage to fit through the bathroom door then the benefit doesn’t really count.

#3 Outlets – Perhaps the only thing that is possibly worse than a lack of electrical outlets in the room, is electrical outlets that look like they could kill you if you touch them.

#4 Plastic – Plastic wrap on the head board of the bed? Plastic wrap on the couches or chairs? Well, that’s one way to make you feel cheap when you book in at a hotel that costs barely anything.

#5 Mattresses – It would be nice to know how many hoteliers have actually slept in their own beds. Many are completely worn out or damaged. The worst thing is arriving in your room and having to flip your own mattress because budget hotels rarely do it.

#6 WiFi – A lot of budget hotels advertise free WiFi, which is great compared to the luxurious hotels that make you pay extra. The thing they don’t tell you is that you will probably have to stick your laptop out of the window just to get a connection.

#7 Storage – Some hotels aim to make you pay extra for every little thing. And this includes storage. Charging extra for leaving your bags with them for those few hours before your flight seems to be the trend with budget hotels these days.

It seems like with budget hotels these days, simply having a roll of toilet paper and free WiFi is a luxury. What other bad hotel habits have you noticed in your travels? 

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