Friday 7 November 2014

How to survive a flight with your kids

No matter what kind of parent you all, a long plane ride with your baby or toddler is probably your worst nightmare. Don’t worry, don’t stress you can make it through, just make sure to always prepare in advance!

  • Select your seats in advance: Always remember that kids can’t sit in exit rows, if you can try request a bassinet (a folding crib that attaches to the front wall), if not babies under two years can sit on your lap, but many parents prefer to bring along a car seat.
  • Bring lots and lots and lots of nappies: Bring even more than you’ll ever think you’d need, disasters can happen on flights and you could run out of nappies which would be the worst case scenario.
  • Extra changes of clothes: Stuff happens, your child could spill juice on herself or get airsick, that’s why we always bring a change of clothes no matter what! It would also to be wise to bring a change of clothing for yourself, you never know when your darling child might decide to hurl up her breakfast on your shirt in midflight.
  • Bring many familiar foods and snacks onboard: Children can be very difficult, they may refuse to eat any food bought at the airport or onboard, instead they want a peanut butter sandwich like they always have, well make sure you have one handy! Little snacks can also entertain kids for a while and it can be a great boredom buster for them.
  • Do bring copious amounts of hand sanitizer and baby wipes: Even when you’re travelling with older kids, there are always going to be messes and sticky fingers, not to mention your kids are going to be touching all sorts of germs on the plane, so ensure you’re prepared.
  • Take plenty of amusements: Don’t waste your money buying fancy new toys for the plane ride, rather purchase some cheap toys and wrap them up in about three layers, this can work wonders! If your kids don’t give a damn about the toys ask the flight attendant to bring you some plastic cups, straws or whatever they can find, kids will be entertained for hours with the strangest things.
  • Relaxing entertainment for yourself: Don’t even bother bringing along something for yourself, like a magazine, movie or book. You’re not going to be doing much except looking after your child and making sure they’re entertained!

The one tip for travelling with your kids has nothing to do with what to pack; it is to have a positive mindset. If you stress the whole week before the flight about how horrible it is going to be, it’ll probably turn out that way, think about the trip as more as an adventure with your kids!

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Written By: Christine Romans

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