Thursday, 13 November 2014

Signs that you have a packing problem

Whether you’re going on a long holiday out of the country or just a weekend away somewhere close by, packing for your trip can sometimes be quite a problem. If you've ever had to pay an extra baggage fee, left your passport at home or cleaned up a shampoo spill in your bag, you might have a bit of a packing issue. To help your trip preparation go smoothly and avoid these crises, there are some easy, effective solutions:

Warning Sign 1 – A wrinkled wardrobe
Do you really want to spend time ironing your clothes in your hotel when you could be out enjoying your trip. If your clothes ever come out of your suitcase looking like they’re been lying on your bedroom floor for three weeks, you may want to change your packing strategy.
- Try to stick to wrinkle free clothing rather than normal cottons and linens
- Don’t actually pack your bag until shortly before your departure
- Be sure to unpack your clothes and hang them up as soon as you get to your hotel
- Roll or interlock your clothes instead of folding them

Warning Sign 2 – Damaged goods
There’s nothing worse than arriving home and discovering that your precious souvenirs are lying in pieces at the bottom of your suitcase. If you've ever had an item destroyed or had your clothes damaged by a messy spill, you may need a few lessons on packing with extra care.
- Never, ever put breakable items in your checked luggage
- Wrap fragile items in newspaper, bubble wrap or clothing and keep them in your carry-on bag
- If you've bought an item that’s too big to fit on your carry-on then just have it shipped home for you
- Any item that can potentially leak (toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, perfume) should be sealed tightly and packed into a zip-top plastic bag

Warning Sign 3 – Too much baggage
Does it take three flight attendants plus a bodybuilder to lift your carry-on bag into the overhead compartment? If you answered yes then you need to learn how to lighten your load, no one wants to pay those nasty access baggage fees for over packing.
- It’s worth it to buy a lightweight bag to give you a few extra Kg's to work with
- Check the weather forecast beforehand, if it shows nothing but sunshine, leave your huge winter jacket at home
- Call your hotel and check what amenities will be in your room, chances are you won’t have to bring your shampoo or hairdryer

Warning Sign 4 – Pre-trip panic
Are you unable to sleep the night before a trip, because you’re absolutely terrified that you've forgotten to pack something? Or even worse you arrive at your destination and realize that you actually have forgotten something vital, the trick is to stay organized and give yourself plenty of time to pack and it’ll get rid of your pre-trip jitters.
- Don’t start packing the day, or hour before your trip
- Mentally walk through your trip and plan out outfits and items in advance
- Make a list and check off items as you pack them in
- Just remember there are few things you can’t just buy if you've forgotten to pack them

If you think your suitcase-stuffing strategy needs a bit of work, then remember to use these easy solutions before you go on your trip, nothing can ruin a holiday faster than a silly packing problem.

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