Friday 16 March 2018

6 ways to keep your Kids busy during a Flight

Just imagine sitting on a flight with your children and you have no electronic devices to keep them busy. It can make a calm, relaxed flight into the ultimate trip from hell.

Don’t panic, all you need to do is reach for that bag of things that you’ve packed to keep them entertained – here are some of the best screen-free ways to keep your kids busy…

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Colour In – These days, colouring in is for children as well as teenagers and even adults!

Build LEGO – There are some pretty cool ways to build your own DIY LEGO travel boxes to avoid losing any pieces.

Do an activity book – Bring a book that is full of interactive activities so it takes a bit of time for your children to get bored.

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Play travel games – Lots of games are easy enough to pack and bring along with you, including UNO, cards and Guess Who?

Design a postcard – A blank pack of postcards and a few pens is all they need to design something fun and then send it off when you arrive at your destination.

Read a book – It may seem old school, but there are still paper books out there! Pack a few for your younger children as well as your teens.

What do you do when it’s a screen-free flight and you need to keep your kids busy? Pack these 6 things and be prepared!

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