I’m The Travelling Madman - I am a little bit of everything and a lot of something.

I’m a business-person, an avid traveller, an explorer and adventurer. I’m also a connoisseur of tasty things: coffee, chocolate, whisky, champagne, sushi and many other delicacies that will tantalise your senses – through my blog you will learn that life is short, travel is a lifestyle and food is art.

Different people travel for different reasons. I travel to find and retain some measure of balance and sanity in my life. I’m restless and have an innate hunger for adventure which, if not fed appropriately, releases my kraken!

I work with people from all walks of life, particularly those wild at heart and driven by ambition and madness - I write for people who travel or want to travel, people who work hard and people who play hard.

As a half-mad person, often overcome by my zest for life and passion, my aim is to help you reclaim YOUR energy and passion and help you discover your inner adventurer.

After all…life is made for living!

“Don’t listen to what they say. Go see!” – Chinese Proverb

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