Friday 3 May 2019

Luggage Tampering & Theft at Airports – Here’s how to reduce the risk of becoming a victim!

Theft at the airports in South Africa is a major problem that needs a solution. It may surprise some people, even frequent travellers to know that thousands of bags get tampered with on a regular basis.

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One of the most popular items that are stolen by thieves in the airport is expensive perfume. So, if you’re into high-end perfume – do not pack it into your check-in luggage when you’re travelling!

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Here are some simple ways you can reduce the risk of becoming the next victim of luggage theft and loss…

1. Try your best never to check your luggage – If possible rather carry on one bag and you won’t have to lug around unnecessary things that can get stolen or lost.

2. Do not place your valuable items in your checked luggage – Not only can your valuable items get stolen, but they can also get damaged!

3. Ship valuable items to your destination – If you cannot or refuse to carry your valuable items in your luggage then consider shipping them. This is especially important during the holiday season where luggage is more likely to contain gifts.

4. Do not use expensive luggage – Keep in mind that thieves will most likely target luggage that is expensive over inexpensive luggage.

5. Always have proper identification on your luggage – This will not necessarily stop theft, but should your luggage get lost it will increase the chances of your baggage getting returned to you.

6. Does your luggage stand out? – Bright red bag may attract a potential thief, however it can help you instantly identify that it is yours.

7. Lock your checked luggage – As potential thief is less likely to attempt to steal or tamper with a piece of luggage that has been secured with a lock!

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Luggage theft and tampering is a big problem – Travellers as well as the airlines need to face the problem together to find a possible solution!