Friday 21 July 2017

How to Budget Travel when you’re a Grown-Up

So you never got to take that gap year when you were fresh out of high school, but now you’re older and you’ve saved up some cash to treat yourself to an amazing travel adventure.

The big question is; how exactly are you going to travel without breaking the budget when you can’t sleep in hostel rooms or rely on being a student abroad?

Here’s how…

Research – Planning a head is also a good idea. By doing your research beforehand you can get the best deals and find places that offer grown-up activities.

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Destination – When it comes to picking a destination, you should choose a place where your money will go further. No, that doesn’t mean you have to avoid expensive destinations entirely, but a week somewhere may be the same cost as spending a month somewhere else.

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Budget – Try and plan out a budget of how much you can spend each day. You may want to spend more on luxury accommodation, but that means a shorter trip. Or spend less and stay for longer. It all depends on your priorities.

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Bargain – You may be able to negotiate the price of your stay in a hotel or a hostel, especially if you look like a responsible older traveller.

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The Longer Route – Always remember that slow transportation is usually cheap transportation. But also remember that trains and buses can allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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Cook – It can be really fun to go from restaurant to restaurant, but this is one way to spend all your money fast. If you are staying in one place for most of your holiday then aim to cook a few meals yourself.

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Know when to spoil yourself – You’re a grown-up now so you have the means as well as the sense to know when to splurge!

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Thursday 13 July 2017

NEVER eat these foods before flying

What you eat before you get on board can make a big impact on how you feel once you’re in the air, so leave those dining disasters off your pre-flight checklist and you’ll avoid the dreaded “jet bloat”, being the smelly seatmate and other flying horrors.


Always avoid anything that can cause access gas build up in your tummy, that means the obvious suspects like beans, broccoli and cabbage. You don’t want to spend the entire flight feeling bloated and no one on board will appreciate a gassy passenger.

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Fizzy Cooldrinks

Yes, fizzy drinks can cause gas. Not only that, but drinks with caffeine will keep you from sleeping and cause multiple trips to the bathroom. The carbonation will probably also cause you to burp continuously and get heartburn.

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Everyone knows it – garlic causes bad breath. Having stinky garlic breath while you’re in the tight quarters of a plane is not a nice thing for the passengers around you, plus it can also cause bad body odor.

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French Fries

The wonderful smell of fries in the airport can be your biggest weakness, but you need to fight the urges and avoid eating them before you get on your flight! The fats and oils in fried food can cause heart burn which can lead to a very uncomfortable flight.

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You might want to calm your nerves and indulge in some much needed alcoholic beverages, but alcohol has a dehydrating effect. Since the air in the airplane is also very dry, drinking alcohol can make it even worse. Stick to drinking lots of water and you'll stay properly hydrated. 

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A lot of people have difficulty digesting meat; if you decide to eat a huge double cheeseburger before you get on board, you might find yourself having digestive issues the whole flight. Plus eating a lot of meat can cause a very unpleasant body odor, and nobody wants to smell that!

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It's common to want to grab a cup of coffee before you get on your flight, but it’s actually best to avoid it! It not only leaves you with coffee breath, but it can leave you jittery, dehydrated and with an irritated bladder.

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Chilli Peppers

Spicy food can cause discomfort in your stomach and bladder irritation, it can also leave you with a burning mouth. You don’t want to deal with your mouth feeling on fire during your flight, so avoid the hot peppers.

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Avoid apples at all costs, they are very hard to digest and can leave you very gassy. Orange juice should also be avoided as it can be very acidic and lead to heartburn, plus it can make you urinate more and you don’t want to be trekking up and down the plane the whole flight.

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Bubble Gum

Gum might stop your ears from popping, but guess what? The more you chew the more air you swallow which leads to gas build up in your stomach and that means being bloated! The artificial sweetener in the gum can also cause flatulence.

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If you feel hungry before your flight, or during the flight make your trip more pleasant and make sure to always avoid these foods, they should probably be saved for when you land in your destination.