Friday 23 September 2016

5 travel safety tips you probably ignore (but shouldn’t)

Have you ever read a safety tip for travelers and then just totally forgotten about it or ignored it next time you took a trip?

We all have! It's time to start using the good advice and follow these rules to stay safe when travelling...

Leave an itinerary
The stupidest thing you can do is go somewhere without telling anyone where you're going! Anything can happen, even if you think it'll never happen to you. Think 127 hours - he would've been saved if he had just told someone where he was going!Always leave your itinerary with someone, especially if you have a family member that worries a lot. 

Make a copy of your passport
It may seem like a hassle, but you'll be grateful if your passport gets lost or stolen. If you think you'll lose the copy, scan it and email it to yourself for easy access anywhere!

Don’t have your phone out
Everyone does it, you take out your phone when you're bored on the bus or train. But, having your phone out can make you an easy target for thieves, so put it away until you get to a safe area.

Choose your transportation wisely
Just because you're on holiday doesn't mean you shouldn't be careful - always use a taxi that has seat belts (Airport Shuttle) and if you're not comfortable with the roads in a foreign place, don't drive yourself! 

Learn the local emergency number
We've been taught since we were small children to dial one number in case of an emergency, but if you dial the same one while abroad, you're not likely to get any help. Learn the local emergency numbers for police/fire/EMS and save them to your phone.

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Friday 9 September 2016

8 Genius In-Flight Dining Hacks

If you want to save money, don't go for the food they sell in the airports or on the plane. Not only is it expensive, but it may not taste as good as it looks. Your best bet is to make and bring your own fuel for the long trip ahead...
Make your own cereal mix.

Image result

Get a Tupperware or Ziploc bag and fill it up with a healthy cereal brand, muesli and mixed nuts. From there you can add extra bits as you see fit. Dried fruits, like figs, raisins, cranberries and apples all go well together! Bring a little plastic spoon and then ask for milk, and there you go!

Pack a fruit salad that won’t turn to mush.

Image result

Mix a bit of firm fruits together - fruits like peaches, plums, apples and cherries.

Prepare a portable breakfast ahead of time.

Image result

There is nothing better than homemade breakfast good. Try making blueberry muffins, rosemary scones or even breakfast burritos. They're yummy and easy to devour!

Go with the grain salad.

Image result

A grain salad is healthy, filling and it won't wilt like a fresh green salad. Try dressing the salad with olive oil to add a bit of flavour and then shake it up in a container before eating. Add chopped cucumber, tomato, dried cherries, carrots, red onions, cheese. 

Veg out.

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You don't want to sit in a plane for 12 hours after eating a stodgy meal filled with salt. Try something fresh! Pack a few chopped up veggies, such as celery, carrots, cucumbers, baby corns and broccoli. Pack hummus for a yummy dip.

Get popping.

Image result

Pop a bit of popcorn on the stove before you leave and you won't be disappointed. It is a healthy way to fill up and a great source of energy. 

Stow an edible souvenir.

Image result

When you leave, you'll probably want to take something delicious back with you —and sandwiches are a great portable way to do so, since almost every region has its own signature version. Headed back from South Africa? Pick up a Gatsby. Memphis? A pulled pork slider. 

Sweat the small stuff.

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Stash some little staples, like plastic utensils and salt and pepper packets, in an easy to reach bag. Other must haves: wet wipes to clean hands and disinfect arm rests and tray tables, as well as a small garbage bag to make passing off refuse to the stewardess quick and easy. And finally, don’t leave home without some common sense: Out of courtesy to your fellow travellers, don’t pack or eat smelly food such as tuna fish, cabbage and boiled eggs.

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Friday 2 September 2016

4 Ways to Avoid Being the Annoying Tourist

A holiday is all about learning about new cultures and trying new things, it's definitely not about being the annoying tourist everyone hates.

Here's how to avoid being that annoying tourist...


When you are packing your bag, make sure you know  about any traditional clothing rules, especially in countries where religion and gender customs are extremely important. Visiting a church in Europe? Don't wear a strapless mini dress! A temple in Asia? Opt for shoes that can be easily taken off.


Learning a bit of the native language is a good way to fit in, but make sure you actually use them! Memorize the important words and phrases, like "thank you".


No, we don't mean Uber. You have to be aware of your surroundings, like where your hotel is compared to the rest of the city. So be sure to have Google Maps ready, you can even use it offline - here's how!


The best way to avoid looking like an annoying tourist is to do what the locals do. Study the country's ways and mannerisms. If everyone eats fried lambs brains and drinks beer for supper, then you'd better toughen up!

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