Tuesday 26 November 2019

How to protect yourself from Online Travel Scams

Thanks to the internet, these days it is so easy to just about anything, such as booking travel reservations! However, every year the amount of fake travel booking websites grows because it is so easy for cybercriminals to scam consumers.

According to recent surveys, about 15 million online reservations are made every year on fake travel websites! That means that these websites trick people into thinking they are booking their reservation, but instead they are allowing cybercriminals to steal their private data such as their money and credit card information.

Here’s how to avoid online travel scams…

1. When making a booking always go directly to the company’s official website, whether it is for a hotel, airline, airport shuttle service (www.asct.co.za), etc. if you’re not sure if it’s the real website or not, give them a call to verify their website.

2. If you do need to use a third=party website, make sure it is a trusted and well-known brand.

3. Always try to get recommendations for trusted travel companies or websites from your friends and family.

4. When you do your online bookings, always use a credit card instead of a debit card just in case the website isn’t legitimate, at least your credit card will probably have fraud protection.

5. After you’ve made a reservation, call the company afterward to confirm. If there is no record of your reservation at least you will know you’ve been scammed sooner rather than later. From there you can alert your bank and report the fraud.

Monday 25 November 2019

8 easy ways to avoid jet lag

If you’re a traveler you know that it’s important to make the most of your holiday, but if you’re flying across time zones it can take a bit of time for your body to adjust, even up to several days, no one wants to spend their holiday feeling tired with insomnia, confusion, and irritability. Don’t worry if you’re travelling soon here are some easy, effective things you can do to fight jet lag!

Prepare your internal clock
A few days before you get on your flight, shift your eating and sleeping times to match the destination you’re going to. Be aware that the more time zones you’re flying across the earlier you’ll have to start.

Stay hydrated at all times
Drink plenty of fluids before and on your flight, dehydration is one of the symptoms of jet lag. Always stay away from alcohol and caffeine!

Try to sleep on the plane
This is very important if you’re traveling overnight or flying east to west. Traveling is very tiring and it can drain your body completely if you can afford it fly business or first class or just get a window seat and a pillow.

Use sleeping pills wisely
A sleeping pill with a short cycle can be useful on overnight flights, make sure you take the dosage correctly though, you don’t want to be groggy when you land.

Eat like you’ve already arrived
Avoid eating the food on the airplane, they’ll serve food based on the time zone you’re leaving. If you’re hungry just snack lightly and eat during what would be mealtimes at your destination.

Get outside 
When you've arrived at your destination spend as much time as you possibly can outside in the sunlight, the exposure will help your body adjust to the new time zone.

Eat light meals 
Not only is your sleep cycle adjusting but so is your digestive routine. Large, rich meals will make it harder for your body to adapt, stick to light meals in small portions.

Consider taking Melatonin
This is the hormone your body naturally creates around the time you usually go to bed, so if you take it at the time you want to tell your body to go to bed it can help your internal clock to adjust.

Keep these helpful little tips to almost try and trick Mother Nature into letting you fly around the world without experiencing the dreaded jet lag.

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Thursday 21 November 2019

5 Useful Tips for Travelling with your Pets

Pet owners who are going away for a summer holiday and plan on bringing their furry friends along for the ride need to know how to travel safely!

To give you complete peace of mind here are 5 useful tips for travelling with your pets…

Puppy pads. Even if your pet is fully grown and fully housetrained, travelling can be stressful for them and can make them a bit confused which can result in some accidents. Always make sure you’re prepared with some puppy pads.

Have them tagged. In case of an emergency it is vital that your pet is wearing a reliable, strong collar as well as tag with all your contact details.

Bring along all the necessities. When you’re travelling with your pet the last thing you want to worry about is filling their medication prescription or finding that specific brand of food. Avoid stressing and pack enough medication, food, etc. for the entire trip.

Go for a check-up before you leave. Before you embark on your journey be sure to take a quick trip to the vet and have a full check-up. If your pet usually gets anxiety from travelling, your vet should prescribe something for your pet.

Find pet-friendly accommodation. A lot of places do not accommodate pets, so it is important that you check ahead before you make any bookings. If you have a large pet, you may want to consider opting for a holiday home.

Have an amazing travel experience with your furry friend, all you have to do is plan ahead and keep these 5 useful tips in mind.

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Wednesday 20 November 2019

8 Ways to Beat the Heat when you’re Travelling this Summer

People love to travel in the summer months, but in places such as Cape Town, the scorching heat can make it extremely uncomfortable to travel.

Here are 8 ways to beat the heat when you’re travelling this summer.

1. Drink lots of liquids. It is so important to stay hydrated when you travel, so be sure to drink lots of water. Always drink chilled water to bring down your core temperature, whether you are being active or not.

2. Bring your sunblock. Even if you think you’re going to be inside for your entire trip, it is always best to pack your sunblock. If you do get sunburnt you’ll be stuck feeling overheated the entire time.
3. Try to eat lighter foods. What you put in your stomach can heat the rest of your body, so try to choose foods and only eat meals that keep you full as well as hydrated.

4. Wear the right clothes. Try your best to wear loose, light-coloured clothing and avoid wearing dark colours and too many unnecessary layers. Cotton clothing will keep you cool by absorbing and releasing heat and sweat.

5. Pack your hat. Not only will a hat protect you from the sun but it will also keep you cool throughout the day. Choose a larger hat as it is vital that you keep the sunshine off your neck – it has a big impact on what your internal temperature is.

6. Plan ahead. Always plan ahead and check what the weather is like so you know what to pack in your suitcase. Check the weather at the airport as well as at all your stops along the way.

7. Cluster your activities. There is nothing worse than travelling all over the show with the hot summer sun beating down on you. If it is possible rather cluster the activities you want to do together to avoid long, hot walks or rides. For a reliable, affordable shuttle service, contact Airport Shuttle to book your ride! Use the online booking system on www.asct.co.za or call +27 (0)21 551 8785 | +27 (0)82 951 3646.

8. Eat some ice cream! It’s yummy and it’s great to eat on a hot summer’s day. So go get yourself an ice cream and enjoy your holiday.

Do not get caught feeling like you’re in an oven, it’ll only ruin your trip, use these 8 tips to beat the heat when you’re travelling this summer.

Monday 18 November 2019

Did you know these facts about Christmas in The Mother City?

Christmas is swiftly approaching and if you're spending Christmas in the Mother City then you need to know what to expect about the festive season. 

Here are some fun facts about Christmas in the Mother City:

1. Capetonians love massive Christmas day lunches. This is pretty much similar to anywhere else around the world, big buffet-style lunches are a must-have. Christmas lunch is often served early or the day before so that the day is enjoyed to the fullest with gifts being opened and fun in the sun. Here are some of the most popular Christmas lunch foods:

Glazed Gammon
Christmas mince pies
Roast chicken
Malva pudding
Cold salads

2. Capetonians love spending Christmas day at the beach. After enjoying a massive Christmas lunch, many families will head out to the beach for the rest of the day. Don’t expect to have much space though; the beaches can be really crowded on Christmas day!

Related image

3. Capetonians love to braai on Christmas day. If you’re not at the beach or at a restaurant having lunch with friends and family, the next best thing is to have a braai outside in the sunshine. In South Africa, we never really need an excuse to braai and Christmas day is perfect. Don’t forget to bring your own alcoholic beverages and be prepared for massive amounts of food including sides and salads. Here are some of the most popular braai foods:

Apricot snoek
Potato salad

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Sunday 17 November 2019

5 Silly Myths about Air Travel

A lot of people will believe anything that they hear about air travel including a lot of the ridiculous misconceptions. Some people just don’t realise that these silly air travel myths just aren’t true, here are 5 you need to stop believing!

Pilots make a lot of money.

Pilots are believed to be up there alongside doctors and lawyers when it comes to the amount of money that they make. But did you know that ticket prices continue to decline and so have the salaries that the pilots receive?

Flight attendants are basically sky waiters.

Imagine being in the public all day long, people have had a few rounds of drinks, babies are crying, people are chatting and laughing. Now add this all into a small enclosed place and the fact that you have to smile and be polite the entire time. This is the life of a flight attendant, so be polite and be nice!

Flying is very expensive.

It really isn’t that pricey, especially when you plan ahead and get a great discount on tickets that it almost seems too cheap. Since the 1980s the prices for tickets have really gone down, so flying really was considered to be very expensive, but it really isn’t so bad.

Disasters have simple causes.

You are not going to crash and die just because you get on a plane. The only way the plane will go down because of turbulence is if it’s the final step in an improbable chain of events that have an extremely tiny, molecule chance of happening. Serious incidents always involve a whole host of factors that lead to tragedy.

Flying is the most dangerous form of travel.

Related image

If you are scared of flying then you might as well be scared of a potato or something that will never technically kill you. When it comes to statistics, motorcycles are the most dangerous form of transport. Vans kill thousands but are twice as safe as your average car and very few people die on buses. Every single year, thousands of people are killed on the road in car accidents, including pedestrians. The only reason you believe air travel is so dangerous is that you hear of every single incident.

Did you know that you are 65 times more likely to die in a car than in a plane? Do you know of anyone who’s ever been in a plane crash? Probably not, but you probably know someone who’s been in a car accident!

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Thursday 14 November 2019

5 Things you need to know about Travelling on Christmas Day

Travelling during the holiday season is stressful and chaotic to say the least; however there is one travel hack you can take advantage of, travelling on Christmas day!

No one wants to travel on Christmas day, so the airports are usually a lot less crowded and the airfares are much cheaper, but a lot of amenities are often closed because it is after all Christmas day.
Here are 5 important things you need to know about travelling on Christmas day:

1. Bring your own food.

Airports are open on Christmas day, however many of the shops or restaurants are closed, making it hard for you to buy something to eat. Your best bet is to pack your own snacks and meals as well as water.

2. Give yourself extra travel time.

Public transportation to and from the airport on Christmas day can be unreliable, not to mention traffic, so make sure to plan how you will travel ahead of time if you’re taking the bus or using a taxi. Contact Airport Shuttle in Cape Town and Durban if you’re looking for a reliable airport shuttle service to and from the airport, book your ride with the easy online booking system www.asct.co.za | www.asdbn.co.za or call +27 (0)21 551 8785 | +27 (0)82 951 3646.

3. Bring extra reading material.

On Christmas day the airport is relatively quiet so it’s a great place to catch up on your reading while you wait for your flight. Be sure to fill up your e-reader or bring along and interesting magazine or the latest novel.

4. Always have emergency information.

Even though Christmas day is a relatively easy day to travel because there are barely any crowds, the airport usually has minimal staff working. Always keep your emergency contact information on hand as well as the number for the hotel you are staying at and the car services you are using.

5. Be nice! 

Half-empty flights on Christmas day means you might stand a chance getting an upgrade, but the trick is that you need to be extra nice. All you have to do is ask and maybe if you’re polite and friendly enough, you might score an upgrade.

Flying on Christmas day means the flights are cheaper and the airport is not as busy, but it can also mean longer travel times to get to the airport and almost no dining options. So make sure to be prepared with these 5 tips and have a happy holiday!

Thursday 7 November 2019

The 5 Best Holiday Travel Hacks!

Holiday travel is the worst. And even though it will always be a hassle, there often is a better way.

Here are five essential travel hacks that’ll help you get to where you’re going in one piece!

Book your tickets incognito
any airline and travel websites use cookies to track how many times you’ve visited and then they alter the prices. Use Google Chrome Incognito to make sure you’ll be safe to book your tickets with no jacked up prices.

Don’t get stuck in a no-window seat
Yes, the airline will let you pick your seat, but SeatGuru takes it to the next level. Before you book, type in your airline and flight number and you’ll be able to see the layout of the exact plane you’ll be flying on. Here you can choose your ideal seat.

Wrap wisely
Did you know airport security can open your gift-wrapped packages? In other words, do not travel with wrapped presents. Instead, either ship your gifts to your destination or pack them unwrapped and then wrap them when you arrive.

Endless battery life
Everyone in the whole darn airport will be looking for a charging station. Fortunately those big TVs that are at just about every gate have USB ports. All you have to do is sneakily plug your phone into one.

Bring yourself some libations
When you’re sitting on the plane listening to that screaming baby, you’re gonna need a drink! This is where the Carry-on Cocktail Kit comes in. This adorable little kit comes with a mini bottle of alcohol, the perfect mix-ins, and a little spoon too!

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6 ways to stay & feel great after your flight!

The weather may be scorching, but that doesn’t mean all the coughs and colds are gone for good. What are the best ways for travelers to stay and feel healthy? 

Here are some expert tips, hints and tricks for staying and feeling healthy after your flight.

1. Once you get off the plane, use the airport toilet and make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with plenty of soap. It is also a good idea to wash your face too.

2. Drink lots of water to flush out your system and keep your immune levels high.

3. Take a shower as soon as you can and wash your traveling clothes.

4. Adjust your meal times after a transatlantic flight. Studies have shown that it may help the body recover from jet lag.

5. For a few days after landing, take an aspirin to ward off deep-vein thrombosis.

6. Rest, as much as jet lag and your holiday will allow!

A long flight can wreak havoc on your body, so make sure to stay and feel healthy with these easy, simple steps after you’ve deplaned.

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Wednesday 6 November 2019

Do not eat these foods before your flight!

If you ask anyone, they’ll give you a list of reasons why flying is stressful, from tiny seats and fat people to extra-long delays and demonic flight attendants. So with all this rushing through your mind, do you really want to make your flight worse by eating the wrong food? Here’s a few you should never touch before stepping on-board a plane.

Image result for fried chicken

´ Fried Chicken

If you’re obsessed with fried chicken (most of us are) then now is the time to be strong and turn down the dirty bird. It’s a real oily mess of a meal. Greasy and pungent, the planes filters can only handle so much. As a matter of fact, it’s not only fried chicken that should be avoided, but any food that has more fatty oil than a teen’s forehead. The fact is, once you’ve eaten anything fried, the fat just sits in your stomach, turns into acid and gives you heartburn.

´ Alcohol
A liquid lunch isn’t technically a food, but it should still be avoided. Alcohol apparently has many medicinal benefits when it comes to flying. Some say it gets rid of their fear of flying, others say it helps them sleep on a long flight and teenagers swear it makes them look really cool! Yes, some of this is true, but it actually disrupts sleep and teenagers are never cool, plus it’ll be hard to stay hydrated meaning you’ll get drunker quicker, resulting in an awkward flirting encounter with the passenger next to you. Apart from that, do you really want to wake up with a terrible hangover?

´ Baked Beans
These little packages of pure evil will have you losing friends faster than a hostile game of Monopoly. It’s best to avoid them, even at the best of times, although everyone loves good ol’ beans on toast! But if you’re going to be stuck in a plane with anxious flyers and short fuses then you don’t want to turn your flight into a catastrophic nuclear accident. Soluble fibre is to blame for the beans explosive properties; broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage are also chief culprits, so it’s best to avoid those too.

´ Fish
Leaving fish off a plane should be a no-brainer and this includes nearly every morsel from under the sea. And before you start to argue, yes, this includes sushi, mermaids and the Loch Ness Monster. The smell of fish alone is unpleasant, but it’s also risky. One bad prawn could leave you in the plane’s toilet for the rest of the flight!

´ Curry
Curry is one of the greatest foods, but it’s one of the worst foods to eat before your flight. Spicy foods can cause indigestion and disrupt sleep; and it does this with the help of a cheeky ingredient called capsaicin, which is found in chili peppers. It basically works like broken thermometer and messes up your body temperature. It has also been linked to those horrible trips to the bathroom and the dreaded ring sting.

´ Dairy
Your milkshake may bring all the boys to the yard, but don’t bring them on the plane. Too much dairy, like stuffing down a whole wheel of cheese, has the potential to curdle your stomach and it can also cause problems if you have IBS. Dairy is also one of the most common causes of food poisoning. So maybe give the jumbo chocolate milkshake and the ice cream sundae a skip.

´ Caffeine
Caffeine has its health benefits, such as improved memory and the ability to turn half-dead employees into hyperactive machines. However, one of its benefits is also one of its pitfalls – you’ll be awake and unable to sleep. This is completely fine on short flights, but on long hauls, its best to avoid any sort of caffeine. Keep in mind there is a surprisingly large amount of stuff with caffeine in it, including some chocolate, ice cream, weight-loss pills and painkillers.

If you want to avoid being stuck in a giant metallic bird thousands of miles above the earth with an upset stomach, food poisoning, a hangover or much worse – NEVER eat these foods and then get onto a plane!

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10 Tips to make the Flight Attendant like you!

Being a flight attendant is often a thankless job. They spent most of their time in the air, dealing with grumpy travelers and unfriendly faces. For those of you who would like to fly friendlier skies, and maybe get a few free bags of peanuts, here’s how you can butter up your flight attendant and really make their day just a little better.

1. Say Hello

Yes, you are probably really tired from walking all the way across the airport; it takes a lot of effort to get through those long security lines without raging. But, how hard is it to give a friendly greeting? A friendly smile and a warm “Hello” can do wonders.

2. Pay Attention

They’re not doing the whole seat belt demonstration for their health – they’re doing it for you! Nothing is worse than talking to a bunch of people who aren’t really listening. Take a few minutes to listen to the announcements and your attention will be noted.

3. Pack a Present

Who doesn’t like presents? No, you shouldn’t bring an extra bag full of loot every time you fly, but if you’re embarking on a particularly long flight, then a little packet of cookies or a nice treat may just get you moved to the front of the cabin.

4. Try a Compliment

Wearing a uniform and heels every day in a moving airplane isn’t exactly a fun time. Giving a compliment about their hairstyle or piece of jewelry can make their day. Be nice!

5. Don’t be a Creeper

This one is for the guys especially. Don’t hit on the flight attendants! There’s a big difference between being nice and being just plain creepy. That difference will become obvious very quickly when you go from getting free drinks to getting tackled by an air marshal.

6. Control your Child

If your child is having a ball continuously pressing the call bell, or scaling the back of your seat like Spiderman, then you will definitely not get any freebies and it’s safe to say the entire plane probably hates you.

7. Keep your Shoes on

The flight attendants have probably spent many hours flying, the last thing they want to do is smell your stinky feet. If you are going to release your little piggies, at least make sure that you have a clean pair of socks.

8. Don’t Snap Your Fingers

Your flight attendants' name isn’t “hey you!”, so stop yelling in an attempt to fill your orange juice. Also avoid snapping your fingers or whistling, a simple “excuse me” and a smile can go a long way.

9. Have Some Manners

If you wouldn’t behave a certain way in front of your mother, you shouldn’t behave like that on a plane either. Chew with your mouth closed, clean up after yourself and say “please” and “thank you.” Don’t be that person who gets told ten times to put away their phone or stow away the tray table.

10. Empathize

Interrupting the flight attendant who is attempting to control a drunk passenger will not have any pleasant results. Rather give them a sympathy look or whisper something like “I don’t know how you do it”, you may score a few extra mini bottles of alcohol or a complimentary snack box!

All a flight attendant needs is a little understanding, it’s their job to be pleasant and friendly – so return the favour.

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Have you ever been to any of these luxurious airport lounges?

Are you looking for ultimate comfort and luxury before you embark on your flight? Well, an hour or two in a great airport lounge is the ideal way to relax and unwind.

Here are some of the most luxurious airport lounges in the world that will make you hope for your flight to be delayed…

Qantas First Class Lounge – Sydney International Airport

If you feel like a fancy massage, facial or foot or leg wrap, all spa treatments are complimentary at this airport lounge. There is also a silent room if you need some peace and quiet, plus, let’s not forget the eighty swanky marble-lined shower rooms!

The Skyteam Lounge – Heathrow Airport
This two-story airport is popularly known for its very impressive “Oxygen Bar.” Here, you can receive a ten minute session of pure oxygen, including a choice of flavoured scents such as citrus or pure air. Once you’ve had your fill of oxygen you can make the most of the pour-your-own wine lounge.

Lufthansa First-Class Lounge – Frankfurt Airport 
Not only does this lounge provide an area away from the rest of the busy airport, but it also has a terminal all to itself. Some of the facilities include valet parking, a cigar lounge, two sleeping rooms and even private bathrooms. When it comes the time for you to board, a limo will take you directly to the plane!

Etihad Diamond First Class Lounge – Abu Dhabi International Airport
This oasis in the Middle East has more than you could ever need! A cigar lounge, champagne bar, Six Senses Spa and nannies on hand if you have any kids in tow. Etihad have also introduced an Arrivals lounge where you can take full advantage of the on-site barber for a free wet shave.

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse – JFK Airport, New York
An airport lounge with real New York style, the Clubhouse has a long list of amenities. The lounge features a Bumble & Bumble hair salon for a post-holiday haircut and even person-sized cavities lined with wool for some me-time. You’ll have to see it to believe it!

Are you planning you next holiday? Why not take a look at these luxurious airport lounges next time you are in any of these destinations?

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10 Things we no longer see in flight!

Travelling by airplane is really different than how it used to be back in the day! And that’s not only including all the crazy and elaborate security restrictions that get added every time some psycho sticks a bomb on a plane. There used to be a lot of different amenities that gradually disappeared over time, because of costs etc.

Here are some things we never see on most flights today that were the norm many years ago…

In the late 1940s, the Boeing Stratocruiser had a beautifully appointed ladies’ lounge and reclining springy chairs plus each chair in the main cabin (not just First Class) could be adjusted and manipulated to form enough sleeping berths for each passenger.

In the early 1980s, Continental Airlines outfitted some of their DC-10s with what they called a “Pub” configuration. Besides a walk-up wet bar with circular tables and swivel chairs, the Pub area also had a two-player Pong game

Southern Airways offered champagne to every passenger back in the 1970s. The company probably needed all that booze and poufy pillows to take the edge off of its multi-stop routes!

Pan Am’s 707 Clippers used to offer restaurant-quality meals to customers. Even better, the meals were served seat side by an on-board chef on their Trans-Atlantic flights.

American Airlines featured a piano lounge in the rear of their 747s back in the 1970s. The instrument requires frequent repairs because of over-enthusiasts music lovers spilling their cocktails on the keys. What could be more relaxing on a flight than a bunch of intoxicated folks singing and playing the piano off-key?

Some changes are simply for the better!

Pan Am’s 707 Clipper had fresh flower arrangements on every tray table and didn’t have to worry about the contents being spilled because the airplane was advertised as being “vibration free.”

In 1965, flight attendants welcomed passengers aboard on one outfit, then changed to another for the meal service, and then into something else for the other portions of the flight.

In the good ol’ days, the standard seat pitch in the Economy Class was 34 inches, but today the average is closer to 31 inches. Once an airline buys a craft, they’re free to configure the seats inside however they please, and these days that means “crowded”.

Or any row with an “I” designation. Watch the seat numbers the next time you’re on a plane – they usually run “HJK.” Why is there no “I”? Blame computers.

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Here's what your suitcase packing says about you...

When it comes to packing your luggage, you can either love it or hate it! It is both a horrible chore and a sign of good times ahead. When it comes to packing do you organize every single item or just throw everything into your bag and hope for the best?

Read below and find your packing technique below and see what it has to say about you!

The Roller
You are about as practical as they come. Somewhere between throwing stuff randomly and making a neat list you decidedly to thoughtfully roll everything up neatly and put your clothing in like pieces of a puzzle. You are an efficient traveler and you plan the essentials, but you are still all about being spontaneous. Plus rolling your clothes prevents wrinkles and saves a lot of space.

The Over-Packer
Your mind is full of “what ifs”: “What if I do hiking and need my hiking boots? What if I go to a lot of fancy dinners? What if I don’t feel like wearing that jacket? I should pack all three.” All these scenarios can lead to you packing your entire closet for one weekend away. Over-packers want a wide variety of options, and even when you have weeded out all the unnecessary items, you still have to sit on the bag to zip it.

The Carry-On Connoisseur
You are an efficient traveler that has perfected the fine art of traveling light and walking through airports with the greatest of ease. For you it is all about planning ahead, being organized, practical and extremely minimalist. You know exactly how to make the most of a small amount of versatile clothing and you own just about travel-sized everything.

The Hacker Packer
You find and use every packing trick in the book! Wrapping bottles so they don’t spill, socks and underwear stuffed inside your shoes – you name it and they do it. When it comes to packed suitcases, yours looks like it was conducted by an engineer; after all packing hacks are your specialty.

The 11th-Hour Packer
You won’t find any organized piles or lists here. You are a complete whirlwind in the packing department, running around at the very last minute throwing almost anything and everything into a suitcase. The end result could be wonderful, but majority of the time it is utterly disastrous. You prefer to live life on the edge; life’s too short to worry about being organized!

We all have our own preferred packing method, but what does your suitcase really say about you? Discover your packing personality and what it may reveal about you as a traveler!

How to Stay Warm and Comfortable on a Long Flight!

Long flights are usually uncomfortable and not something one would look forward to, especially during the colder months. However if you prepare properly, you can ensure that you stay warm as well as comfortable when you’re flying on a plane…

1. Choose the right seat. When you are choosing your seat, stay away from the seats close to the exit doors as these areas will be the draughtiest. Also remember that although window seats are nice, they also tend to be the chillier option.

2. Dress comfortably. Wearing your winter coat at the airport will not only keep you warm but also leave up some extra space in your suitcase. Layer as much as you can to keep warm as well as to open up some luggage space.

3. Wear a scarf, hoody or shawl. Apart from keeping you warm during your flight, these items can be taken off and double as a pillow or a blanket. It is also possible to use these items to cover your face and tune out the world if you’re considering taking a nap.

4. Put on sensible shoes. No matter where you are travelling to, it is always more comfortable for you to wear socks and shoes. These will keep your feet warm as well as comfortable during your trip.

5. Bring a travel blanket. Always bring a travel blanket along with you on your flight. Use it to cover yourself and stay warm and comfortable – it’ll also help if you’re having trouble falling asleep.

6. Keep yourself entertained. Keeping yourself entertained will ensure that you enjoy your flight and you’ll get through it a lot quicker. Bring along your laptop or your favourite book and you’ll be there in no time!

Do you know of any other tips on how to stay warm and comfortable on your flight?

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Did you know air travel does this to your body?

Air travel is generally a safe way to travel, and you may not know it but it is a lot safer to take a plane trip somewhere than it is to drive your car. However, you can still experience some unpleasant side effects when you’re 35 000 feet in the air.

- The low oxygen will probably give you a headache and make you feel sleepy
- Blood collecting in your feet and ankles can cause swelling
- You can get seriously dehydrated
- Shifts in the pressure in the cabin can make you gassy
- The air pressure changes cause your ears to pop
- Your sense of taste may be affected, making food taste dull
- Air shifts can cause toothache
- Air in the plane can cause your skin to lose moisture leading to dry skin and lips
- When your mouth dries out in the air, bacteria will grow which can cause bad breath
- Long distance flights throw off your circadian rhythm = JET LAG!
- You may not actually get sick at all

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How to Tip in South Africa

Tipping is a confusing topic because every country has its own etiquette, so much does thank you cost in the rainbow nation?

Car Guards

Service – Car guards only seem to occur in South Africa. They are people who help you with parking and look after your car while you go about your business. There are always two sides to every coin though. Some car guards are legit and are working towards feeding themselves and their families, while some have simply claimed a yellow vest and “watch” your car in between sips of wine. Use your discretion when dealing with car guards, they are not responsible if anything happens to your car, but they will swear on their grave that it is safe under their watch.
Tip – R2 – R5 per parking
Do – Make sure you have some small change available (they don’t usually carry change)
Don’t – Feel like you HAVE to leave a tip, especially if they seem drunk or if they are nowhere near your car when you return.

Taxi Drivers

Service – These guys will drive you to your requested destination. In South Africa, there are two types of taxis on the roads, minivan taxis, and metered cabs. The minivan taxis don’t require a tip, but the metered cabs do, depending on the service. Tip – Round up to the nearest 10 or leave up to R20 for city-to-out-of-town driving
Do – Judge your tip by the number of stops you make and the distance you are taken
Don’t – Be bullied into a set price, always ask for the meter to be put on

Hotel Staff

Service – Porters are the guys who take your bags to your room, while another team will cook and bring you’re your food. Housekeepers keep your room clean and tidy during your stay and other general staff may wait on you in the hotel restaurant or organise books and tours for you.
Tip for Porter – R10 – R100
Tip for Room Service – Leftover change
Tip for General Staff Box – R100 – R500 depending on the length of your stay and meals.
Do – Carry envelopes for tips you want to give to certain people
Don’t – Feel like you have to tip at self-catering lodges

Bar Staff

Service – Bar staff serve you your drinks at the bar and help you to enjoy your get-together. When tipping bar staff in South Africa, it’s quite common to leave small change on small rounds and a bigger tip when ordering a bigger round.
Tip – 10% - 20% of the bill
Do – Use your discretion and value the bartender’s time.
Don’t – Leave money on the bar, give it directly to the specific bar staff you would like to tip


Service – They take your orders at restaurants, bring you your food and drinks then clean up after you are done eating and drinking.
Tip – 10% of the bill, more for special service
Do – Check your bill, sometimes the tip is included.
Don’t – Tip more than you would like if you haven’t received good service.

Petrol Attendant

Service – Petrol attendants are also a South African only service. These people fill your tank at the petrol station while you remain in your car. Depending on what you need, they will also check your oil, water, tyre pressure and wash your windows.
Tip – R2 – R5 per petrol stop
Do – Take into account the services being offered, like checking your tyre pressure and washing your windows.
Don’t – Feel obliged to give a big tip, or any tip at all, especially if you just make a quick, simple stop at the petrol station, especially if you have to wait long and hoot for the petrol attendant.

Always remember, as, in other countries, a tip is an acknowledgment of a certain kind of service, so use your discretion and be the judge of your own experience.

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Always remember these Safety Tips when travelling to South Africa

Safety is an important issue throughout the world, you need to know what to do and what not to do. Fortunately the Tourism Safety Task Group of South Africa has compiled the following helpful tips for tourists and migrants who come to the country…

At a hotel:
Never leave your luggage unattended
Store all your valuables in the hotels safety deposit box
Keep your room locked at all times, whether you are inside or not
Always check who is at the door before you open it
Leave your room keys at the reception desk when leaving the hotel

In the street:
Avoid over-the-top displays of expensive jewelry, cameras and other valuables
NEVER carry around large sums of money around (a better option is to use URCard)
Steer clear of dark, isolated areas at night
It is better to travel around with a group of people and stick to well-lit, busy streets
Plan out your route beforehand so you know where you are going
A police officer or traffic officer will be glad to help if you are lost
If you ever need to call a taxi, your hotel or a tourism information office can help you out

In a car:
Plan your route in advance
Keep your car doors locked and wind the windows up if you are in an unsafe area
Lock all your valuable items in the boot of the car
At night, always park in a well-lit area
NEVER pick up strangers
If you are in doubt about the safety of an area, phone a police station for advice

In general it would be advisable to always carry a reliable map with you. Plus you should keep a certified copy of passports and other important documentation, like flight tickets in a safe place such as a bank or the hotel’s safety deposit box.

Always leave your valuables at home. There is a chance your luggage may be opened and your valuables stolen when you are at the check out area.

- Do not wear expensive jewelry
- Never allow yourself to be separated from your hand luggage
- Always remember that laptops, phones and handbags are targeted items
- Do not allow yourself to be distracted by one person while another runs off with your possession

South Africa is not the only country where the above list applies; it applies to majority of destinations around the world. Tourists are often caught up in unpleasant situations because they are not vigilant and wise because they are “on holiday” and in a carefree mood.

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Monday 4 November 2019

The 10 Commandments of Travelling by Air

There are probably a range of horrifying things you’ve experienced on a plane from security checks gone wrong to irritating passengers and uncomfortable seats.

It seems like a lot of people do not know the basics and common knowledge of how to follow simple rules when it comes to air travel.

Here are the 10 commandments that you should always remember:

1.  Thou shall always arrive at the airport early

Be sure to get to the airport early to avoid getting hurried or holding other people up, you don’t want to start off your trip by being super stressed and in a rush.

2. Thou shall not jump the queue

The plane will never leave without you, so do not push and shove your way to the front of the line!

3. Thou shall follow the hand luggage rule

Always obey the rule; you can only have one bag in the overhead compartment! Remember that you are flying somewhere not moving house.

4. Thou shall not fight for the armrest

In the war, for the armrest, there are no winners, so it’s best to work out a compromise so you both can share the arm rest without one person hogging it the whole time.

5. Thou shall remember that flight attendants are not slaves

The flight attendants work really hard to make you feel comfortable, so treat them with the respect they deserve and never give them a hard time!

6. Thou shall be a considerate recliner

Think before you push your seat back! Always check if there is enough space for the person behind you before you recline it back for the entire flight.

7. Thou shall not bring smelly food on the plane

Try your best not to bring any stinky food on-board with you such as eggs or fish. Also keep in mind that some food will cause you to make the smell, like garlic, cabbage, etc.

8. Thou shall not hog the bathroom

Keep it quick in the bathroom; do not spend 30 minutes in there redoing your hair while other people are waiting in the queue outside.

9. Thou shall lower the blind

When you have the window seat and you can see people are trying to sleep, lower the blind so they don’t get the blinding sun directly in the eyes.

10. Thou shall relax and have fun

Face it there is no point in complaining and finding fault with everything; just try to relax and enjoy the flight, your holiday will start soon.

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5 of the best first-class seats that are better than your house!

Imagine if you could get on a flight and not have to deal with the constant neck aches, unsatisfying meals, and annoying passengers. 

Your flight would be relaxing and luxurious, just like any fancy hotel!

Here are five of the best first-class seats that are possibly better than your own house!

Emirates Airline 

The Emirates first-class suites are packed with luxurious features; a fully stocked minibar, your own recliner, a full-length vanity mirror and let’s not forget your own personal shower and complimentary pajamas!

Instead of a normal airline seat, Etihad Airline more of an apartment in the sky! A bedroom, private shower and living area is what you'll get, not to mention your own butler and private chef.

As soon as you enter the cabin you get full access to your own leather recliner and an LCD touch screen that controls lights and the position of your chair. You also get to sink your teeth into a delicious three-course meal and complimentary wine.

Enjoy the elegance and stylish seats with Lufthansa, along with plenty of fine dining like caviar and champagne and plenty of entertainment options, you also have a separate bed in addition to your seat!

Singapore Airlines

This amazing airline has long been known as the best airline in the world! Fully enclosed private suites, LCD entertainment systems and comfy pajamas along with an actual bed instead of converted seat beds are just some of the luxuries offered.

Sitting in a long, uncomfortable flight can be a huge pain, if you choose to step onto one of these luxurious and lavish airlines you’ll definitely be leaving all your stress behind, you probably won’t ever want to leave!

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