Friday 12 May 2017

Why your Mom is the Best Travel Companion

Forget about a romantic weekend away, a girl’s getaway or a boy’s holiday. This time it’s time to call up your mom and make her your trusty travel companion.

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Here are 12 reasons why your mom is the best person to travel with!

-- She knows exactly how to pack a suitcase properly

-- She’ll get you to do things you wouldn’t usually do without her

-- She knows how to fix any illness and she always has medication on hand

-- She won’t let you make bad footwear choices

-- She’ll spoil you no matter how old you are

-- She won’t let you stay in a dorm or communal accommodation

-- She has the best taste in food

-- She understands your moods

-- She reads a map like a professional

-- You’ll be able to bond and become the best of friends!

Are you ready for your mom to become your travel companion?

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