Friday 3 November 2017

Are you a Selfish Airplane Passenger?

Yes, everyone has their own travel habits (some bad, some good) whether it’s bringing along your trusty neck pillow or munching on your homemade snacks. However, the most important factor of your entire trip is where you sit!

Sitting next to the window means you have the best views and a nifty place to lean, but the seat by the aisle means you have easy access to the bathroom and stretching capabilities. Recent studies have shown that choosing a window seat or an aisle seat actually reveals something about your personality…

Image result for airplane window seat

In an interview with a scientist, it was revealed that those who choose to sit by the window are actually more selfish, and those who sit by the aisle are more reserved.

“Passengers, who favour the window seat like to be in control, tend to take an ‘every man for themselves’ attitude towards life and are often more easily irritable. They also like to ‘nest’ and prefer to exist in their own bubble.”


“Aisle passengers are often more sociable and definitely more amenable as people; they are also more likely to be restless fliers and less adept at sleeping on planes.”

There’s no studying showing what it is revealed about those who choose the middle seat – most likely because no one ever does!

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Monday 16 October 2017

5 Quick Tips to Make Flying Suck Less

Do you want to enjoy your flight to your holiday destination? Of course you do, but flying can really suck at times! Use these 5 quick tips to make your flight less painful, after all you don’t want to arrive at your destination in a horrible mood…

#1  Do your research and book a good airline, cheaper isn't always better! If you’re going to be on a long flight, it’s better to pay a bit more and be comfortable.

Related image

#2  If you hate listening to other people chatting continuously, babies screaming and the planes loud engine – bring headphones with you. You can listen to music or watch a movie to cancel out the noise and keep yourself entertained.

Image result for sitting in plane headphones

#3  Sleeping on a plane can be very uncomfortable, so make sure to fasten your seat belt over your blankets so the flight attendants don’t wake you up to check if you’re strapped in. If you can, buy a neck pillow, it can help you get more comfortable and reduces head and neck pains. 

 Related image

#4  Food can be very expensive to buy on a plane, and most of it isn't very tasty. Rather make sure to pack yourself a few healthy snacks for your flight. Read this blog for some nifty dining hacks…

Related image

#5  Occasionally get up and walk around the plane, it’s good for blood flow and can help kill a lot of time.

Related image

The golden rule to enjoy your flight is to be positive and polite, don’t get upset with the flight attendants and always be polite to your fellow travellers, thinking positive thoughts can really make you feel better and improve your trip!

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Friday 29 September 2017

Things you’ll only Experience at an Airport

Are you flying somewhere this weekend? Perhaps you’re going on a business trip or a holiday with the family? Whatever it may be, make sure to keep an eye out for these typical airport moments…

Image result for airport

1. Double tapping your pockets every 5 minutes for 4 hours to make sure your passport is still there.

2. Thinking why most women who work at the airport have to wear silk scarves around their neck.

3. Watching someone crouch awkwardly to charge their phone.

4. Getting jealous of the man sitting alone drinking champagne and eating oysters.

5. Seeing little children with the same roller carry-ons as their parents and wondering what they’ve got in there.

6. The awkward bachelor party where everyone is still sober and the groom is dressed as Spiderman.

7. The rush that comes after getting through security without any problems.

8. The guy in swimming shorts and a hat who still thinks he's on the beach instead of the airport.

9. Wondering why people think they have to be fancy and use a neck pillow, and then wondering why you didn’t bring one.

10. The feeling that bad things happen in 12’s when you’re at the airport, daring to take a well-deserved holiday!

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Friday 22 September 2017

How to Get Over Those Post-Holiday Blues

It happens to all of us – we come back from an amazing vacation and the blues hit us hard. Before you start to panic about how bored you are and start planning a new adventure, here’s how to get over those post-holiday blues…

Image result for travelling

  Ø  Plan your next trip so you have something exciting to look forward to.

  Ø  Channel your energy into a new endeavour whether it be a career goal, fitness record, studies, etc.

  Ø  Re-create a regular sleeping schedule to get rid of fatigue and jet lag.

  Ø  Get your diet back on track, whether that means trying something healthier or going back to your old 2 minute noodle ways.

  Ø  Think back on happy memories during your trip to get rid of any stress you may be feeling.

  Ø  Reassess all the things in your life that you may think are ordinary.

  Ø  Take advantage of those feelings of restlessness and head out on the town or to local events that you’ll enjoy.

  Ø  Share your experiences with people you love and care for.

  Ø  Organize all your vacation memories on your computer or hard drive, maybe even print a few and stick them in a picture frame!

Beat those blue feelings you may be having after you arrive home from your vacation – Use these 9 helpful tips and you’ll have some time to breathe before you zip off on your next adventure.

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Wednesday 6 September 2017

Never make these Mistakes at the Airport

We all make mistakes, but making these mistakes at the airport can cost you a lot of time and money.
Here are some air-travel mistakes that you should know better than to make…

Image result for sitting at airport

#1 Leaving your bags behind

Take note of how many bags you have and make sure to do regular bag counts when you’re leaving home, arriving at the airport and waiting at the check-in counter.

#2 Being barefoot

If you have to take your shoes off for a security check, make sure to wear socks because you won’t want to be hobbling across the dirty airport floor.

#3 Forgetting to pack snacks

Airport food will burn a hole in your pocket, so make sure you pack something healthy and nutritious for when you’re waiting in a long line or if your plane doesn’t sell anything appropriate.

#4 Arriving late

On a busy travel day, arrive at the airport a few hours early – it’s better to be early than have to pay extra for a later flight.

#5 Parking in the most expensive lot

You’ll pay a lot more to park in the closest airport parking, so rather choose a cheap parking and take a short shuttle drive to the terminal.

#6 Over-packing

Huge, heavy bags result in you having to pay over the top penalties. Pack less and stress less!

#7 Losing your cool

From rude air-hostesses to creepy airport security, everyone has a complaint about someone at the airport. The fact is there are more doing good than bad, so relax and take a breath before you start to complain.

#8 Crowding around the baggage carousel

Unless you can spot your bag from a mile away and can grab it without bashing into everyone around you, don’t join the scrum around the baggage carousel, rather pick a safe spot where you’re less likely to injure someone.

We’ll let you in on a few secrets that will make your time at the airport a lot better!

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Friday 25 August 2017

6 People you’ll definitely see at the Airport

If you’re a frequent traveller, you’ve probably seen it all, from annoying business men to confused first timers. At some point you might’ve even been one of those airport dwellers yourself…

Image result for airport people

Here are the 6 people that you should look out for next time you go to the airport.

     1.       The Know-it-all Businessman

He wears a suit and he walks around the airport like it’s his living room. He’s in first class with the flash of his gold membership card and he talks obnoxiously loud on his smartphone as he waits in the special security line.

     2.       The First-Timers
They’re the only travellers who are excited about just about everything that happens, even the safety briefing on the plane!

     3.       The Time Waster

Taking up half the line, the time waster will forget the gadgets and what not in their pockets and have to go through security half a million times. Stay away from the time waster if you want to keep calm.

     4.       The Great Member of Society

He doesn’t complain about the long lines, he keeps his ID ready and in hand and he NEVER needs to use the bathroom. This is the airport traveller you should strive to be like.

     5.       The Angry Employee

Poor Jessica had the horror of dealing with far too many time wasters and she is not happy. Try and avoid the angry employee and look for someone who has just started their work shift.

     6.       The Late Arriver

When they finally make it onto the plane, everyone stands up and cheers.

Which of these people have you met at the airport and have you ever been one yourself?

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Friday 18 August 2017

The 5 most Beautiful, Hidden Places in the World

Avoid the hordes of tourists with their annoying selfie sticks that literally drive you mad – visit these 5 beautiful, hidden gems where you won’t see another human in sight!

When you get tired of all the people in Melbourne and Sydney, head into the bush and enjoy the beautiful landmarks like Kings Canyon and Ayers Rock.

Image result for ayers rock

This island is home to the Southern Alps, Mount Cook, the Canterbury Plains, two glaciers and the jagged Fiordland coast. Plus it was the setting for all the Lord of the Rings film franchise.

Image result for South Island New Zealand

Find some peace and quiet on this amazing mysterious island which is situated miles away from any other continent and features the famous Moai stone statues.

Related image

A beautiful Buddhist temple overlooking the great Himalayan Mountains on the northernmost tip of India - Walk the footpath up to the temple and explore the relics!

Image result for leh india

Gozo – Malta

This tiny island is located in the Mediterranean Sea and holds one of the largest and oldest freestanding buildings in the world.

Related image

Avoid those nasty tourists and visit these beautiful, secluded locations.

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Friday 4 August 2017

The Top 10 Signs that you spend all your Money on Travelling

Everyone may say that the best things in life are free; well those people obviously weren’t frequent travellers, because in order to see the world you have to pay for just about everything.

Image result for travel maps

Here are the top 10 signs that you’re probably a penniless traveller…

   1.       You only have foreign currency in your purse or bag.

   2.       Your jeans are ripped, but you didn’t buy them like that.

   3.       You cut your own hair to save money for accommodation.

   4.       You sometimes think about selling all your things to pay for a travel adventure.

   5.       Your passport looks like a book filled with stamps and Visa.

   6.       You’ve used all your maps and photos as wallpaper in your home.

   7.       Your fridge consists of a sachet of sauce, crumbs and some old cheese – money can’t be wasted on food!

   8.       Your guidebooks have been turned into furniture, like a side table or a laptop stand.

   9.       You’d rather spend your money on a backpack then a new pair of fancy shoes.

   10.   You search for loose change at the bottom of your bag, but only find sand

Do these signs remind you of yourself or someone you know? Maybe it’s time to cut back on those travels before you’re completely broke!

Friday 21 July 2017

How to Budget Travel when you’re a Grown-Up

So you never got to take that gap year when you were fresh out of high school, but now you’re older and you’ve saved up some cash to treat yourself to an amazing travel adventure.

The big question is; how exactly are you going to travel without breaking the budget when you can’t sleep in hostel rooms or rely on being a student abroad?

Here’s how…

Research – Planning a head is also a good idea. By doing your research beforehand you can get the best deals and find places that offer grown-up activities.

Image result for travel reading gif

Destination – When it comes to picking a destination, you should choose a place where your money will go further. No, that doesn’t mean you have to avoid expensive destinations entirely, but a week somewhere may be the same cost as spending a month somewhere else.

Image result for travel destination gif

Budget – Try and plan out a budget of how much you can spend each day. You may want to spend more on luxury accommodation, but that means a shorter trip. Or spend less and stay for longer. It all depends on your priorities.

Related image

Bargain – You may be able to negotiate the price of your stay in a hotel or a hostel, especially if you look like a responsible older traveller.

Image result for hotel gif

The Longer Route – Always remember that slow transportation is usually cheap transportation. But also remember that trains and buses can allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Related image

Cook – It can be really fun to go from restaurant to restaurant, but this is one way to spend all your money fast. If you are staying in one place for most of your holiday then aim to cook a few meals yourself.

Image result for cooking gif

Know when to spoil yourself – You’re a grown-up now so you have the means as well as the sense to know when to splurge!

Image result for shopping gif

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Thursday 13 July 2017

NEVER eat these foods before flying

What you eat before you get on board can make a big impact on how you feel once you’re in the air, so leave those dining disasters off your pre-flight checklist and you’ll avoid the dreaded “jet bloat”, being the smelly seatmate and other flying horrors.


Always avoid anything that can cause access gas build up in your tummy, that means the obvious suspects like beans, broccoli and cabbage. You don’t want to spend the entire flight feeling bloated and no one on board will appreciate a gassy passenger.

Image result for eating beans

Fizzy Cooldrinks

Yes, fizzy drinks can cause gas. Not only that, but drinks with caffeine will keep you from sleeping and cause multiple trips to the bathroom. The carbonation will probably also cause you to burp continuously and get heartburn.

Image result for fizzy drinks


Everyone knows it – garlic causes bad breath. Having stinky garlic breath while you’re in the tight quarters of a plane is not a nice thing for the passengers around you, plus it can also cause bad body odor.

Related image

French Fries

The wonderful smell of fries in the airport can be your biggest weakness, but you need to fight the urges and avoid eating them before you get on your flight! The fats and oils in fried food can cause heart burn which can lead to a very uncomfortable flight.

Image result for fries


You might want to calm your nerves and indulge in some much needed alcoholic beverages, but alcohol has a dehydrating effect. Since the air in the airplane is also very dry, drinking alcohol can make it even worse. Stick to drinking lots of water and you'll stay properly hydrated. 

Image result for alcohol


A lot of people have difficulty digesting meat; if you decide to eat a huge double cheeseburger before you get on board, you might find yourself having digestive issues the whole flight. Plus eating a lot of meat can cause a very unpleasant body odor, and nobody wants to smell that!

Image result for double cheeseburger


It's common to want to grab a cup of coffee before you get on your flight, but it’s actually best to avoid it! It not only leaves you with coffee breath, but it can leave you jittery, dehydrated and with an irritated bladder.

Image result for coffee

Chilli Peppers

Spicy food can cause discomfort in your stomach and bladder irritation, it can also leave you with a burning mouth. You don’t want to deal with your mouth feeling on fire during your flight, so avoid the hot peppers.

Image result for chili pepper


Avoid apples at all costs, they are very hard to digest and can leave you very gassy. Orange juice should also be avoided as it can be very acidic and lead to heartburn, plus it can make you urinate more and you don’t want to be trekking up and down the plane the whole flight.

Image result for apples

Bubble Gum

Gum might stop your ears from popping, but guess what? The more you chew the more air you swallow which leads to gas build up in your stomach and that means being bloated! The artificial sweetener in the gum can also cause flatulence.

Related image

If you feel hungry before your flight, or during the flight make your trip more pleasant and make sure to always avoid these foods, they should probably be saved for when you land in your destination.

Friday 30 June 2017

Strange Airport Facilities around the World

Normally sitting in the airport during a layover means stale sandwiches and trying to sleep on uncomfortable plastic chairs, however there are quite a few airports out there that have really upped their game.

Whether you’re stuck waiting for your flight or you’ve just arrived early, here are some weird and wonderful airport facilities around the world that’ll make your wait a lot more fun!

Perpetual Picasso Peepin’
(Cause if you look away, the freaky faces change)
An Animated Gif by Sarah Zucker, 2012.

When you think of an airport, the first thing that pops into your mind is definitely not an art museum; however the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has a museum called the Rijksmuseum that is open on a daily basis. Feel free to visit and soak in the beautiful exhibits and paintings.

 shark animal fish aquarium GIF

There are not only one, but two aquariums in the Vancouver International Airport. Come and view a range of marine animals and plants, like sea urchins, jellyfish and eels. Believe it or not, but there is also a creek running through the terminal and the largest leafy wall in North America!

 80s walking danny chevy chase golf course GIF

Did you miss your morning game? Don’t worry because at Hong Kong International Airport you can play nine holes, simply bring your equipment or rent some. You can even hire a caddy for your game!

Did you ever think you would need to use an oxygen lounge? Well in the Tokyo Narita Airport they offer a facility where they pump oxygen directly into your lungs. No, this isn’t your plain old oxygen; this oxygen comes in some awesome flavours including cinnamon.

 cute animals running puppy golden retriever GIF

This isn’t therapy for your dog, but a trained pooch that encourages passengers to stop for a minute and play! The loveable golden retriever travels around the airport wearing a “pet me” vest, bringing smiles and happiness to otherwise stressful travel.

 nature running runner trail running ultra running GIF

Switzerland is a gorgeous place, so it is only fitting that they want to bring the beauty of Mother Nature to their Airport. Explore and find a nature conservation area between the runways, you can even rent bicycles and walking poles for the day.

In terminal one, towering four storeys above you will find one of the biggest dinosaur skeletons in the world! The Brachiosaurus is on loan from the National History Museum and stands 22 metres tall – take a look if you want to kill time as well as learn a little something.

Some airports have gone all out when it comes to out of the ordinary airport facilities - what do you think?

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Tuesday 13 June 2017

How to Survive Travelling with Teenagers

Travel is one of the most important things you can experience with your child. However the teen years can prove quite tricky and travelling with them can be a bit of a challenge.

Make your next trip as teen-friendly as you possibly can with these helpful tips:

  Ø  Get them involved

From the very beginning of your travel adventure, make sure that your teen is involved. Get them to help with choosing a destination, creating itineraries and planning activities. Getting them involved will stir up the excitement and give them a sense of responsibility. Even during the trip, make sure you assign them fun tasks such as taking photographs of the surroundings or navigating with the GPS.

Related image

  Ø  Tough love

This one is a challenge, but it needs to be done. Find a way to convince your teens to leave behind their most precious items, like their tablet, laptop, gaming device, etc. They may protest and cause a scene, but these items will only distract them from spending quality family time together. After a day or so, they’ll come around and you’ll see how much more engaged they’ll be.

Related image

  Ø  Give them space

Even on holiday, teenagers still need their space. This can be tricky if your whole family is stuck in a small hotel room. If possible, it would be great to book separate or adjoining rooms for your older kids. This will give them some space to breathe after a long day of family bonding.

Related image

  Ø  Just chill

There’s always so much to do, but so little time. Make sure when you’re on your vacation that you don’t try and fit too many activities into one day, this will only cause tension and leave everyone feeling frazzled and ready to snap. Rather spread your plans out over a few days and leave time to just chill, like lying by the pool or watching a movie together!

A family with 4 teenage children lounges on wicker furniture under a cabana awning

The teen years are an important time to spend time with family and form a life-long bond. Travelling with teenagers can be difficult, but it is worth the challenge!

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Friday 12 May 2017

Why your Mom is the Best Travel Companion

Forget about a romantic weekend away, a girl’s getaway or a boy’s holiday. This time it’s time to call up your mom and make her your trusty travel companion.

Related image

Here are 12 reasons why your mom is the best person to travel with!

-- She knows exactly how to pack a suitcase properly

-- She’ll get you to do things you wouldn’t usually do without her

-- She knows how to fix any illness and she always has medication on hand

-- She won’t let you make bad footwear choices

-- She’ll spoil you no matter how old you are

-- She won’t let you stay in a dorm or communal accommodation

-- She has the best taste in food

-- She understands your moods

-- She reads a map like a professional

-- You’ll be able to bond and become the best of friends!

Are you ready for your mom to become your travel companion?

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Friday 28 April 2017

How to Travel with your Dog

Bringing your dog on a trip with you can really add lots of fun to your trip. However you need to do your homework when it comes to dog travel.

By planning your furry friends travel ahead of time, you can have plenty of time to sit back and relax...

Image result for dog airport

     1.       PLAN. Some places may require special tests to be done before you travel into their country. Make sure you take the necessary steps before you take your trip.

     2.       BREED. If you have a short-nosed pooch some airlines will not allow them to travel due to their potential breathing difficulties. It’s best to check with the carrier beforehand.

     3.       CHECK & CARRY. Will you be checking your pet as cargo or bringing them on the flight with you. If you have a small dog it is up to you what you do, however larger dogs need to be checked.

     4.       CALL. Some airlines prefer it if you call them ahead of time and make plans for your dog.

     5.       SHOTS. In some countries you will need to present a certificate showing that your dog has the right rabies shots.

     6.       SLEEPING PILLS. Yes, its okay for you to pass out on the plan after taking some sleeping pills, but giving your pet a tranquillizer could make it difficult for them to breathe! Instead check first with your vet to see what pills you can give your dog.

     7.       FOOD & DRINK. Always keep food and water attached to your carrier in case your pet needs feeding if there is ever an emergency situation.

Image result for travelling with your dog

Make your trip fun for you and your dog!

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Friday 21 April 2017

Everyone should do these things when travelling alone

Many people say travelling alone is the best experience they’ve ever had. No one rushing you somewhere you don’t want to go, you can just do whatever you want to do!

Here are ... things everyone should do when they take that solo trip...

1.         Check your luggage. You’re alone, so no one is waiting for you because everyone managed to only bring a carry-on.

2.         Sleep late. One day don’t set an alarm and sleep it, after all you don’t have anyone rushing you around!

3.         Wake up early. Go to sleep early and wake up early. When you’re alone you won’t have anyone pressuring you into going out on the town.

Inside Amy Schumer season 4 comedy central amy schumer good morning GIF

4.         Cook. Go to the market and make something you love with the authentic local ingredients.

5.         Try a workout class. Whether it is Tai Chi in China or yoga in India, try something new that isn’t offered at home.

6.         Visit a popular restaurant without a reservation. This is brave, but often when you’re alone you’ll be seated at the bar without having to wait.

 season 3 bart simpson episode 14 wine restaurant GIF

7.         Stop at a local pub. Find out what everyone loves so much about it!

8.         Take your time wherever you go. Slowly stroll through museums and markets as you please – no one is there to hurry you up.

9.         Pretend you are a local. Wander into a local cafe or coffee shop, snack on a bagel and do some serious people-watching.

Image result for people watching gif

10.     Do full-on tourist. Yes, the fanny pack, camera and tour guide – do it all!

11.     Eat EVERYTHING. Have an open mind and try something new, even if it is tuna eyeballs in Japan.

12.     Do nothing. You’re on holiday so relax and know that you’re alone so you don’t have to be anywhere.

Travelling alone is a wonderful experience – make the most of it and try out these things!

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