Wednesday 6 September 2017

Never make these Mistakes at the Airport

We all make mistakes, but making these mistakes at the airport can cost you a lot of time and money.
Here are some air-travel mistakes that you should know better than to make…

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#1 Leaving your bags behind

Take note of how many bags you have and make sure to do regular bag counts when you’re leaving home, arriving at the airport and waiting at the check-in counter.

#2 Being barefoot

If you have to take your shoes off for a security check, make sure to wear socks because you won’t want to be hobbling across the dirty airport floor.

#3 Forgetting to pack snacks

Airport food will burn a hole in your pocket, so make sure you pack something healthy and nutritious for when you’re waiting in a long line or if your plane doesn’t sell anything appropriate.

#4 Arriving late

On a busy travel day, arrive at the airport a few hours early – it’s better to be early than have to pay extra for a later flight.

#5 Parking in the most expensive lot

You’ll pay a lot more to park in the closest airport parking, so rather choose a cheap parking and take a short shuttle drive to the terminal.

#6 Over-packing

Huge, heavy bags result in you having to pay over the top penalties. Pack less and stress less!

#7 Losing your cool

From rude air-hostesses to creepy airport security, everyone has a complaint about someone at the airport. The fact is there are more doing good than bad, so relax and take a breath before you start to complain.

#8 Crowding around the baggage carousel

Unless you can spot your bag from a mile away and can grab it without bashing into everyone around you, don’t join the scrum around the baggage carousel, rather pick a safe spot where you’re less likely to injure someone.

We’ll let you in on a few secrets that will make your time at the airport a lot better!

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