Friday, 25 August 2017

6 People you’ll definitely see at the Airport

If you’re a frequent traveller, you’ve probably seen it all, from annoying business men to confused first timers. At some point you might’ve even been one of those airport dwellers yourself…

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Here are the 6 people that you should look out for next time you go to the airport.

     1.       The Know-it-all Businessman

He wears a suit and he walks around the airport like it’s his living room. He’s in first class with the flash of his gold membership card and he talks obnoxiously loud on his smartphone as he waits in the special security line.

     2.       The First-Timers
They’re the only travellers who are excited about just about everything that happens, even the safety briefing on the plane!

     3.       The Time Waster

Taking up half the line, the time waster will forget the gadgets and what not in their pockets and have to go through security half a million times. Stay away from the time waster if you want to keep calm.

     4.       The Great Member of Society

He doesn’t complain about the long lines, he keeps his ID ready and in hand and he NEVER needs to use the bathroom. This is the airport traveller you should strive to be like.

     5.       The Angry Employee

Poor Jessica had the horror of dealing with far too many time wasters and she is not happy. Try and avoid the angry employee and look for someone who has just started their work shift.

     6.       The Late Arriver

When they finally make it onto the plane, everyone stands up and cheers.

Which of these people have you met at the airport and have you ever been one yourself?

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