Friday 18 August 2017

The 5 most Beautiful, Hidden Places in the World

Avoid the hordes of tourists with their annoying selfie sticks that literally drive you mad – visit these 5 beautiful, hidden gems where you won’t see another human in sight!

When you get tired of all the people in Melbourne and Sydney, head into the bush and enjoy the beautiful landmarks like Kings Canyon and Ayers Rock.

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This island is home to the Southern Alps, Mount Cook, the Canterbury Plains, two glaciers and the jagged Fiordland coast. Plus it was the setting for all the Lord of the Rings film franchise.

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Find some peace and quiet on this amazing mysterious island which is situated miles away from any other continent and features the famous Moai stone statues.

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A beautiful Buddhist temple overlooking the great Himalayan Mountains on the northernmost tip of India - Walk the footpath up to the temple and explore the relics!

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Gozo – Malta

This tiny island is located in the Mediterranean Sea and holds one of the largest and oldest freestanding buildings in the world.

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Avoid those nasty tourists and visit these beautiful, secluded locations.

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