Thursday 24 January 2019

5 Tips to make the most of your Trip to Cape Town

Are you coming to Cape Town for a quick trip with the family or are you planning on spending some time in the beautiful Mother City? Whatever your plans may be, it is best to know what to expect so you can make the most of your time without any hiccups.

Here are 5 tips to ensure that you leave wanting to come back for more…

1. Weather. During the summer months in Cape Town, the weather can be hot and dry, the days can go on for 11 hours and the wind will almost blow you off your feet! Before you plan your activities in Cape Town always check the weather as well as the wind strength in the mornings so you can make the most out of your day. Stay away from the beach if it is too windy and rather choose an indoor activity.

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2. Money & Safety. Foreign exchange is available all around Cape Town, but no matter where you are always use your common sense – never ask a stranger to help you at an ATM, do not flash your money around and rather put away your fancy jewellery and devices.

When it comes to being safe, be on the lookout for suspicious people and NEVER walk around alone in the city, especially if you do not know your way around. If you are ever in an emergency situation, please do not hesitate to call the Cape Town emergency numbers for assistance.

3. Nightlife. As soon as the sun goes down, the city of Cape Town comes alive. There are a range of fun things to do after dark – amazing restaurants, bars, clubs and so much more!  If you plan on enjoying the nightlife make sure you know the rules so you do not get in trouble and always remember to NEVER leave your drink unattended. Here are the top places to party in Cape Town!

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4. Transportation. There are plenty of different ways to get around in the Mother City – if you’re looking for an affordable, reliable shuttle to or from Cape Town International Airport, do not hesitate to call Airport Shuttle! Other methods of transport include the MyCiTi bus, Uber, taxi cab, train or on foot!

5. Table Mountain. One of the most famous attractions in Cape Town is obviously Table Mountain, but always be careful and follow these precautions so you do not run into problems:

- Do not visit the mountain if the weather is bad
- Never hike up the mountain alone and do not attempt difficult routes without a qualified guide
- Always tell someone where you are going if you are planning on visiting the mountain
- Wear comfortable shoes, bring a cell phone, food, sunblock and lots of water
- Do not wander off – stick to popular paths
- Baboons can be dangerous so do not ever try to feed them or approach them

Cape Town is a beautiful city alive with an array of activities and amazing things to see, make sure you are well prepared and familiar with these tips so you can have a great trip in Cape Town.

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