Monday 30 March 2015

10 strangest things found by airport security

Don’t stress about forgetting to throw away your bottled water before the airport security checkpoint. That’s nothing compared to what some travelers have been up to. You won’t believe these weird things found by airport security…

- Human Skull Fragments -
Carefully check the souvenirs you've bought on your vacation before you head to the airport. Passengers in Ft. Launderdale were seriously delayed in 2013 when the clay pots they’d checked in their luggage were found to contain fragments of human skull! The flyers claim they didn't realise their purchases came with bonus body parts inside.

- A Dead Body -
Come on, “Weekend at Bernies’s” is a movie for a reason; it shouldn't be an inspiration to help you avoid paying extra to transport a corpse.  It’s actually shocking how many people have tried to pass off a body as a sleeping passenger, like the family who tried to sneak a dead body through airport security in a wheelchair in order to avoid paying a fee. The mother and daughter team tried to smuggle the 91 year old man onto a flight by putting him in sunglasses and dumping him in a wheelchair!

- 200 Tarantulas -
At the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, officials confiscated 200 poisonous tarantulas hidden in a couple’s suitcase in 2012. The spiders were alive and found amongst other assorted insects like grasshoppers and millipedes. Fortunately for the creepy crawlies they were handed over to the Dutch animal welfare authorities.

- A Baby -
Please, DO NOT put your baby through an X-ray scanner. The Airport security will probably notice that there is a living human inside! A couple was busted at an airport in the United Arab Emirates when they tried to smuggle their young son into the country by packing him inside a carry-on bag. It’s not surprising that the jig was up when the officials spotted the boy on X-ray.

- Seal’s Head -
In 2004 a man was stopped by airport security when it was discovered he had the severed head of a seal inside his hand luggage! The man, who was a biology professor, claimed he had come across the dead animal and wanted to use its head for educational purposes. Unfortunately it is illegal to remove dead animal parts and he was forced to leave his seal head behind.

- Human Baby Flesh Pills -
Probably one of the most gruesome things ever found by airport security was more than 17,000 pills disguised as “stamina boosters” that were actually the powered remains of human babies! The pills are illegally produced in China for their supposed medical benefits and tests show that the pills do in fact contain up to 99.7% human remains.

- Snakes and Tortoises -
Officials monitoring airport security at the Miami International Airport in 2011 were puzzled by what looked like growths attached to a man’s legs. They pulled him aside and discovered that the man’s pants were in fact full of snakes and tortoises wrapped in nylon bags! If he had not been caught, there would literally be snakes on a plane.

- A Chastity Belt -
At Athens Airport a 40 year old woman set off a metal detector, the staff found that it was because of the chastity belt she was wearing. According to the report the woman told officials her husband forced her to wear the belt to make sure she had no extra-marital affairs during her visit to Greece.

- Massive Squash -
Custom officers at Birmingham Airport seized a giant squash from a passenger who was trying to smuggle it into Britain from Asia. The giant vegetable from 4 feet long and weighed more than 25kg. The squash was also found with 79kg of fish and 94,000 cigarettes!

- A Pair of Pigeons -
People try all sorts of strange tricks to get wildlife and pets through airport security. In 2009, a man returning from Dubai was stopped with two live pigeons wrapped in padded enveloped at his calves and secured under a pair of black tights!

While most passengers will break out in a cold sweat if they try to smuggle more than 100ml of moisturizer in their hand luggage, some passengers will try to get some of the most bizarre things on board.

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Written By: Christine Romans

Friday 27 March 2015

How to avoid (or survive) lost luggage

Millions of bags fail to arrive at their destination each year, some of the reasons being: airline budget cuts, airport congestion, tight connection times, increased transfers among airlines and security. In defense of airlines, most bags are not actually lost forever, only delayed. But, even a few days without your luggage is enough to cause you a lot of stress!

If you are a traveler, you should take the following steps to keep this from happening to your bag…

- Use a sturdy ID tag with a durable strap on each bag. The best tags have a cover hiding your name to protect your privacy (use your business information if possible.) use your cellphone number and email address so you can be contacted immediately.

- Include your identification information inside the bag. This is especially important if the outside tag is lost during your travels. Place a travel itinerary in an outside pocket or inside on the top, so that airlines can track you in transit if your bag is delayed or misrouted.

- Mark your luggage in distinctive ways to spot your black bag in the sea of black bags. Tie bright ribbons or straps onto the handles; apply stickers or your initials in large, coloured stick-on letters on all sides. Take a photo of your bag, so that if your bag should be misplaced, you can show the photo to the baggage agent.

- Remove any old baggage claim tags from your luggage as they can cause confusion.

- Check your bags as early as possible. Airlines suggest at least 90 minutes in advance (two hours for international travel) but at daily high-traffic times and with seasonal crowding you can add 30 minutes to this time. Last-minute checked bags simply may not make it through security screening and onto your plane.

- Make sure that your bags have been ticketed to the correct destination and on the correct flight numbers before you leave the luggage check-in area or ticket counter.

- Always carry medicines and anything that is valuable or not easily replaceable (including your keys) on your person or in a small carry-on bag. If it would break your heart to lose it, either keep it with you or leave it at home.

- Travel in clothing you can wear for a day or two in case your bags are delayed. Tuck a change of underwear into your carry-on bag plus a clean shirt so you have an item to wear and one to wash. Pack a swimsuit or shorts in your carry-on if you’re headed to a sunny location.

- Complete lost-luggage reports at the airport and don’t leave without a claim number and contact information so you can check the status of missing bags if one is missing in action. Keep baggage claim tags, tickers and receipts for your purchases, so the airline will be able to research your claim and reimburse you quicker.

- Always create a packing list that includes every item in each packed bag and leave a copy at home to retain an accurate record. Most travelers undervalue the content of a lost bag because they can’t remember anything that was inside. Take a second copy of the packing list with you to check each time you unpack and repack to prevent forgetting items in the rush.

Make sure you are a smart traveler and plan ahead so that your memories of your vacation or business trip not of a travel disaster.

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Written By: Christine Romans

Wednesday 25 March 2015

The Top 20 Hotels in the world

1. Gili Lankanfushi Maldives – Lankanfushi, North Male Atoll, Kaafu Atoll
This hotel is absolute paradise, with ultimate privacy and comfort. The villa attendants are said to be like ninjas, as they come in and out without being seen, yet they keep everything in order.

2. Nayara Hotel, Spa & Gardens – La Fortuna de San Carlos, Costa Rica
The suites are beautiful, not to mention the room and deck layouts make the Arenal and garden vistas an amazing part of the experience. The staff go all out to make you feel comfortable and completely taken care of.

3. Shinta Mani Club Siem Reap – Siem Reap, Cambodia
The hotel is stylish and chic, and the rooms are luxurious and well-appointed rooms. All the service is top-class, sincere, warm, welcoming and always smiling!

4. Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace – Budapest, Hungary
This is what a hotel is supposed to be all about. The rooms, staff, magical location – all perfection.

5. Belmond Palacio Nazarenas – Cusco, Peru
The Belmond is absolutely the best. The rooms are filled with gracious and thoughtful extras such as fresh organic soaps cut in your own bathroom by a butler.

6. Cocoa Island by COMO – Cocoa Island, South Male Atoll, Kaafu Atoll
This hotel is one of the best places to spend a romantic honeymoon. Not on your honeymoon? It doesn't matter; it is a dreamy vacation destination anyway.

7. Hotel Alpin Spa Tuxerhof – Tux, Austria
You may be the only English speaking guests at the hotel, but the staff will make special effort to make sure all the menus are translated and the staff speak excellent English.

8. Al Maha, A Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa – Murqquab, United Arab Emirates
When you stay here you will feel as if you are in another world. the rooms are extremely private, spacious and the wildlife will mingle around your own villa room.

9. Hotel Estalagem St Hubertus – Gramado, Brazil
This hotel is especially tailored for couples in love, honeymooners and all those who just want peace and tranquility. The setting, on the margins of the Black Lake, is just absolutely perfect and enlightening.

10. Hotel Belvedere – Riccione, Italy
You will want to keep coming back to this hotel, because of the fantastic vibe, wonderful staff, excellent guides and amazing cycling. This is a winning formula and could even keep the toughest critic happy!

11. Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Shanghai – Shanghai, China
This hotel is just outstanding. The property is flawless, and the service and execution is perfect. Whether you are staying here for business or pleasure, this hotel will always exceed your expectations.

12. Constance Le Prince Maurice – Posta De Flacq
If you could give any hotel and staff a hundred stars, it should be this one. The Constance will genuinely make your sad when you leave.

13. Harvey’s Point – Donegal Town, Ireland
Let the concierge open your room door and welcome you to heaven! The rooms are all spacious, tasteful and very comfortable, with the most beautiful view of Lough Eske.

14. The Upper House – Hong Kong, China
You won’t want to stay anywhere else in Hong Kong. The hotel has all the right little touches, from personal greeting cards to cookies and warm milk on a cold evening.

15. Haymarket Hotel – London, United Kingdom
You will love everything about this hotel. It is centrally located, has a relaxed ambiance and it is tasteful and quirky. There is literally nothing to fault.

16. Casa Gangotena – Quito, Ecuador
The service is top-notch at the Casa Gangotena. But, you can’t miss the beautiful lobby and courtyard which are beautiful along with the views of the plaza and surrounding hills.

17. The Langham, Chicago – Chicago, Illinois
This hotel has everything going for it; an unbeatable location, wonderful staff and a whole lot of character. You can describe this place in only one word – amazing.

18. The Oberoi, Mauritius – Pointe Aux Piments
Everyone should definitely experience the Oberoi at least once! Although the grounds are beautiful and the food is to-die-for, the hotel itself wouldn’t be as special without its staff.

19. Kayakapi Premium Caves, Cappadocia – Urgup, Turkey
This hotel has caves that have been converted into guest rooms, that are incredibly tasteful and speak of opulence. You will feel as if you are in your own bungalow set amongst the natural mountains.

20. The Royal Savoy Sharm El Sheikh – Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
Have a holiday of pure indulgence at The Royal Savoy. From simply chilling at the beautiful pools to exploring and relaxing on the private section of the beach with a private reef.

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Written By: Christine Romans

Tuesday 24 March 2015

What to do in Cape Town this weekend (27th – 29th March)

There’s so much happening in Cape Town this weekend, so there’s no excuse to stay inside the house this weekend. Be sure to grab your family and friends and catch at least one of these events.

The Park Inn by the Newlands hotel likes to take everything up a notch, so their shifting things up a gear or two and adding an extra hour to their happy hour on Friday! If you are keen for the weekly deal, you can enjoy two beers, two cocktails, two glasses of wine or two fruit crushers for the price of one, this 2-for-1 booze special makes other discounts look so uninteresting. At the chic hotel bar they have some familiar brews, like Black Label or Hansa, and while you sip on your beverage you can enjoy the music spun by a local DJ or watch sport on the big screen.

Date: 27 March 2015
16:00 – 19:00
Park Inn by Radisson Cape Town Newlands

Harfield Village Carnival – 28 March
Get ready for this family-friendly festival in the Southern Suburbs this weekend! With everything from  yummy treats and delicious craft beers to home décor, art, clothing and amazing live music, there’s bound to be something for everyone! Even the kiddies, the pets and granny and gramps. Here’s some of the fun activities to expect at the fair… a marching band procession, kiddies activities, tasty food and drink, shopping stalls and a line-up of awesome live music.

Date: 28 March 2015
Time: 09:00 until late
Venue: Second Avenue
Price: FREE

SPAR Women’s 10km Challenge in Cape Town – 29 March
Lace up your running shoes with your girlfriends and get involved in this popular road race in the Mother City! Yes, the time has arrived for the annual SPAR Women’s Race and this time around there are two races: a 5km challenge that’s perfect for beginners and the longer 10km route that gives women with true endurance the chance to show off a bit! A portion of the proceeds will go to Operation Smile South Africa, but don’t worry you also have a chance to win shopping vouchers and cash prizes for yourself.

Date: 29 March 2015
7:30 – 12:00
Cape Town Stadium
R75 – R85

The Mother City is going to be full of festivities this weekend, and whether or not you’re planning on going to any of them or not. Here are some events to get you in a good mood for the weekend!

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Written By: Christine Romans

Friday 20 March 2015

How to save money on food when you travel

Food is one of the most expensive things to buy while you travel, but it is also one of the main areas where you can cut costs. Sometimes it is worth it to have that meal to make memories and taste the local cuisine, but not every meal should fall into that category. Here’s how to save on food expenses when you travel…

Bring a Water Bottle – During your travels you should have a reusable water bottle to keep yourself hydrated. You can fill up at some places that have accessible, safe drinking water, but just check beforehand. In especially warm climates, this tip can save you quite a bit! Although there may be vending machines or shops with drinks available, all those purchases can add up, so bring along your own water to avoid making that mistake.

Navigate Grocery Stores – It’s best to get familiar with the location of grocery stores near where you’ll be staying and where you’ll be around meal times. This is a clever way to stock up on snacks instead of buying them when you are near attractions (these are usually marked up for tourists). If you know where the local grocery stores are then you can also get supplies to create your own meals for breakfast, lunch and supper. Rather do this than eat out and waste money.

Fill Up on Breakfast and Lunch – Get your daily adventures off to a good start with a filling breakfast that gives you plenty of energy. Some places may not serve large breakfasts, so finding a restaurant can be quite challenging. To avoid missing breakfast or wasting money on a meal, simply pick up some fruit or bread. Focus on getting your fill at lunch time and rather have a lighter supper, this way you can fuel the rest of your day’s activities and keep the coats of snacks low.

Find Meal Deals – If your accommodation includes meals, like breakfast, take full advantage! You don’t really have to stay somewhere expensive to have this benefit included either, many offer bread, jam and fruit and coffee/tea. You can also choose to split meals with others.

Avoid Tourist Traps – Generally, the restaurants near tourist attractions aren't going to provide you with a true local experience and they won’t be cheap either. Try to find places that are away from the tourist swarm, they are often worth the extra travel!

When you save money on food, it frees up quite a lot of funds for other things like attractions, better accommodation and memorable souvenirs. What are your tips on cutting travel food costs.

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Written By: Christine Romans

Thursday 19 March 2015

4 Flights that will bring on the horrid jet lag

If you have ever flown overseas, especially from East to West and West to East, you have probably experienced the pain of jet lag. It may seem like a regular thing for constant travelers, but even if you are the most experienced jetsetter you can still have your clock screwed up with these certain weird flights.

     *     Arriving Before your Depart
The only way to really experience this is by travelling to the Western Pacific and then jump on a plant from Tokyo’s Narita International Airport that is headed somewhere in North America. A flight like Delta’s DL284 departs from Tokyo at about 5am and will arrive in Los Angeles at 11am, the same morning! Yes, it’s true; the flight will arrive before it departs. Well, that’s definitely going to mess with your body clock a little.

     *     The Day Stretcher
Transatlantic travelers will know all about this one. A flight from London to San Francisco takes about 11 – 12 hours yet you will often arrive just 2 hours later than you departed, which adds about 10 extra hours to your day! These flights are usually daytime flights, which makes it even harder to get some sleep. It can actually take days to recover from the confusion caused to your body clock.

     *     The Disappearing Day
This one probably won’t ruin your body clock, but it will rob you of your time. You’ll get a lot of time to sleep if you take the Air New Zealand’s NZ001 from Los Angeles to Auckland, which is a 13 hour flight. Where it gets weird is that if you were to leave on the 1st of the month at 9:45, you’ll only arrive on the 3rd at 5:45am! So, one day of the month would completely disappear from your calendar.

     *     The 27 Hour Flight
Everyone complains about spending hours and hours crammed in a seat, especially the 12 hours from Cape Town to London, the 17 hours from Johannesburg to Atlanta and of course the journeys from the Middle East which take more than a whole day to  complete. But, you are way better off than the poor New Zealanders who take the Air New Zealand’s NZ001 from London that uses just one plane for a full 27 hour journey! Here’s the breakdown:
- Depart London at 4:15 on the 1st of the month
- Fly for 11 hours & 20 minutes over Greenland and Canada and land in Los Angeles at 7:35pm
- Stop for 2 hours for refueling and cleaning
- Depart from Los Angeles at 9:45pm
- Travel for 13 hours and arrive in Auckland at 5:45am on the 3rd, completely skipping the 2nd of the month!

These 4 weird flights may shock your body clock by extending days or missing them entirely, and even if you are a regular flyer you can still experience the horrid jet lag.

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Written By: Christine Romans

Wednesday 18 March 2015

What to do in Cape Town this weekend (20th – 22nd March)

Embrace the awesome festivities coming up this weekend! Whether you choose to visit them all, or simply just one. You’ll be sure to enjoy your time!

The men and women of the Navy are putting on a grand show in Simon’s Town this weekend, so sea adventurers get in line and come and enjoy the family-friendly fun! This seaside fiesta will show you a glimpse of South Africa’s Navy and provide you with insight into the training that helps keep our nation’s waters safe and secure. Here are some of the events that will be at the SA Navy festival… the ships and submarines will be open for public viewing, tug boat rides, flea market, Navy, Air Force and Army exhibitions and a Kiddies corner for the little ones.

Date: 20 march
Time: 10:00 until late
Venue: Simons Town Naval Base
Price: FREE

Hout Bay Sandcastle Competition – 21 March
Gather the troops and get ready to create a sandy masterpiece at the annual Sandcastle Competition on Hout Bay Beach. Teams can be made up of kids of any age and adults too, but only if you love a bit of seaside action with a bucket and spade. The main goal of the sandcastle competition is to raise funds for underprivileged children at Hout Bay’s Valley Pre-Primary School, plus the celebrity guest judges will have the difficult task of choosing the winners. Besides the sandcastle building there will be plenty of other activities like a jumping castle, live music and various food and drink stalls.

Date: 21 March
Time: 8:30 – 13:30
Venue: Hout Bay
Price: R30 – 1500 per team

World Gallery Exhibition: Ricky Lee Gordon - 22 March
Come and see this amazing street artist at his first ever solo exhibition in Cape Town. He is best known as internationally celebrated street artist Freddy Sam, but this time he is leaving his aliases behind and embracing his own exhibition at premier gallery Worldart on 54 Church Street. This exhibition features a variety of paintings which use collage, abstraction and fragmentation to explore the relationship between humans and nature.

Date: 22 March
Time: 10:00 – 17:00
Venue: Worldart Gallery
Price: FREE

This weekend in the Mother City, come and explore the wonderful world of art, design, creativity and the wonder of South Africa. Get ready for the proudly South African Navy, Sandcastle art and stunning exhibitions.

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Written By: Christine Romans

Monday 16 March 2015

5 best ways to get a room upgrade

Many frequent travelers have become kind of “hotel junkies” and know a thing or two about how to get quality accommodation. Believe it or not the trick to going from a cheapskate room to a R3000 suite in a matter of minutes isn't being famous, having the right connections or evening tricking the manager into thinking it’s your honeymoon – sometimes it’s just a matter of being smart about timing and being honest!

Try out these next tips the next time you’re headed for your stay and see what happens…

Timing: First things first, you always have to have superb timing. Once you have booked your room, wait to check LATER in the day. The hotel clerk has no idea how many cancellations and no-shows there will be earlier in the day and therefore they won’t risk passing out upgrades until they do. If you check in later, between 4-6pm, you won’t have to wait too long and you’ll avoid getting put into the no-show list yourself!
Always keep in mind however, that if the place you are staying at is at max occupancy (during peak travel season) the likelihood of this method working it slim. They simply don’t have upgrades to hand out.

Honesty & Manners: Remember what mom always said, be honest and mind your manners. Every hotel clerk or receptionist on this planet as heard the same old white lies again and AGAIN. The “It’s my honeymoon!” or the “It’s our anniversary!” lines are overused and unless you booked way In advance (or wearing a wedding gown) the hotel clerk is going to smell the lie the second you open your mouth. One of the best and easiest approaches to obtaining a room upgrade is to just ask for one! Be sweet, be honest and you might be surprised – insulting the person with the power will most likely backfire.
The one thing you should not do is make up complaints about your room. However if there is something genuinely wrong with your room, don’t shout and make a scene about it, be understanding and polite and you will be rewarded.

The Internet: Not all of us have those cool connections, like being friends with the General Manager, but that doesn't stop us from working the digital connections available to all of us on the internet. Before you book yourself in anywhere check out a website called the Kiwi Collection. It will provide you with lots of free perks and hotel upgrades if you are a member, especially if you’re with them long enough to achieve VIP status. Once you reach this level, Kiwi agents will actually take on the role of your agent and get upgrades for you in an instant!
The best thing it is completely FREE. All they require is your loyalty. Another website to view before you make any bookings is TripAdvisor, it is a great place to check out reviews on specific travel related content and it also includes interactive travel forums.

Loyalty: Loyalty can help you even more than already mentioned. The main thing hotel, guest houses and resorts want is loyalty! They want to know that you’re recommending them to all your friends, family and co-workers. It’s quite simple really, when you refer the hotel, make sure to tell your referral to drop your name at check-in. Believe me, the clerk will make note of it and will thank you with a hotel room upgrade the next time you check in! They will always keep a record of everything and everyone – especially their loyal customers.
This isn't just a “keep our customers happy and loyal” trick that hotels like to use on you, it’s a “we want to save money on marketing” trick. It costs them less to bring back a guest than it does to acquire a new one entirely.

Speak Up: As mentioned before, hotel employees can sniff out a lie from a mile away. However, if you’re booking with a hotel for a special occasion – definitely let them know! If you combine this with tip #1 and check in later in the day, they will probably try to wow you with a surprise upgrade for your special day.
Furthermore, if you happen to be a loyal customer, speak up and tell them! You’ll receive an upgrade, no questions asked.

These are some great tips to keep in mind and some great advice to remember when traveling. They can work wonders for you on your next trip, but most importantly remember that loyalty matters.

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Friday 13 March 2015

It’s Friday the 13th – But why do superstitions exist?

Don’t cancel your flight just yet, the whole “Friday the 13th brings bad luck” story has been around for centuries. If you’re afraid to fly on the 13th, you’re definitely not alone. In the United States there has been an estimated loss of 900 million dollars on Friday the 13th due to people not flying or carrying out business as they normally would.

But why do some superstitions exist, here are some back stories to common beliefs that have been around for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years…

Salt over your left shoulder to avoid bad luck – Salt has always been a highly valuable thing. From around 3,500BC the Ancient Sumerians believed it was bad luck to spill salt and to get rid of the bad luck you had to throw a pinch over your left shoulder. This ritual passed to the Egyptians, the Assyrians and then to the Greeks

Fun Fact: In Roman times soldiers got a special allowance for salt rations, called salarium (salt money). If a soldier was not well regarded he was considered not worth his salt.

Walking under a leaning ladder brings bad luck – The Egyptians thought triangles to be sacred (it’s obvious by the many pyramids) they considered it to represent the trinity of the Gods and passing through a triangle violated it. As a leaning ladder forms a triangle against the wall, it has long been thought to be bad luck to walk under it.

Fun Fact: In England in the 15th century, criminals were forced to walk under a ladder on their way to the gallows.

A broken mirror brings seven years bad luck – In Ancient Greece people called “mirror seers” would tell an ill persons fortune by dipping a mirror into water and then analyzing the person reflection in the glass. If their image appeared distorted, they were likely to die. If it was clear, they would survive.

Fun Fact: Romans changed the superstition, because they believed people’s health changed in seven year cycles.  A distorted image would result in seven years of bad luck, rather than death.

Hanging a horseshoe on your door brings good luck – Greeks thought the element of iron warded off evil, and believed the crescent moon was a symbol of fertility and good fortune. These beliefs carried all the way to the Middle Ages, when horseshoes were thought to be lucky talismans, specifically against witches. Horseshoes have been hung on door and walls ever since.

Fun Fact: Nobel Prize winner Niels Bohr had a horseshoe over his desk. When asked whether he believed in the superstition, he replied that he didn’t, but that “a horseshoe will bring good luck whether you believe in it or not.”

Friday the 13th brings bad luck – The fear of the number 13 and the fear of Friday have existed since ancient times. When you combine them it results in a superstition that is now deeply ingrained in a lot of us. Friday is named for Frigg, the Norse goddess of love. Church leaders distrusted pagan mythology and saw Frigg as a threat and labelled her as a witch. In Norse mythology, beloved hero Balder was killed at a banquet by Loki; the unwelcome 13th guest at a party of 12. 

Fun Fact:
The Ancient Egyptians believed life was a series of 12 stages, unfolding in the 13th and last, a joyous rising to an eternal afterlife. A bad event on Friday the 13th could be seen as bad luck, but then again a bad event can happen any day of the year.

So what do you think? Do you throw salt over your left shoulder? Are you terrified when you break a mirror? Don’t let superstitions get the better of you, go on, walk under that ladder and book that flight. Chances are you will be just fine!

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Written By: Christine Romans