Thursday, 19 March 2015

4 Flights that will bring on the horrid jet lag

If you have ever flown overseas, especially from East to West and West to East, you have probably experienced the pain of jet lag. It may seem like a regular thing for constant travelers, but even if you are the most experienced jetsetter you can still have your clock screwed up with these certain weird flights.

     *     Arriving Before your Depart
The only way to really experience this is by travelling to the Western Pacific and then jump on a plant from Tokyo’s Narita International Airport that is headed somewhere in North America. A flight like Delta’s DL284 departs from Tokyo at about 5am and will arrive in Los Angeles at 11am, the same morning! Yes, it’s true; the flight will arrive before it departs. Well, that’s definitely going to mess with your body clock a little.

     *     The Day Stretcher
Transatlantic travelers will know all about this one. A flight from London to San Francisco takes about 11 – 12 hours yet you will often arrive just 2 hours later than you departed, which adds about 10 extra hours to your day! These flights are usually daytime flights, which makes it even harder to get some sleep. It can actually take days to recover from the confusion caused to your body clock.

     *     The Disappearing Day
This one probably won’t ruin your body clock, but it will rob you of your time. You’ll get a lot of time to sleep if you take the Air New Zealand’s NZ001 from Los Angeles to Auckland, which is a 13 hour flight. Where it gets weird is that if you were to leave on the 1st of the month at 9:45, you’ll only arrive on the 3rd at 5:45am! So, one day of the month would completely disappear from your calendar.

     *     The 27 Hour Flight
Everyone complains about spending hours and hours crammed in a seat, especially the 12 hours from Cape Town to London, the 17 hours from Johannesburg to Atlanta and of course the journeys from the Middle East which take more than a whole day to  complete. But, you are way better off than the poor New Zealanders who take the Air New Zealand’s NZ001 from London that uses just one plane for a full 27 hour journey! Here’s the breakdown:
- Depart London at 4:15 on the 1st of the month
- Fly for 11 hours & 20 minutes over Greenland and Canada and land in Los Angeles at 7:35pm
- Stop for 2 hours for refueling and cleaning
- Depart from Los Angeles at 9:45pm
- Travel for 13 hours and arrive in Auckland at 5:45am on the 3rd, completely skipping the 2nd of the month!

These 4 weird flights may shock your body clock by extending days or missing them entirely, and even if you are a regular flyer you can still experience the horrid jet lag.

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Written By: Christine Romans

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