Friday 20 July 2018

4 Signs that you have a Packing Problem

Whether you are travelling on a quick business trip away for the weekend or taking a long family vacation with the family, packing for your trip can cause quite a lot of problems as well as stress.

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To make sure your trip goes smoothly and to avoid any potential crises, look out for these packing problem signs and use these easy, effective solutions…

       1.       Wrinkled Clothing

Do you really want to spend your time ironing your clothes in your hotel room? If your clothing comes out of your bags looking like they’ve been lying on the floor for 3 months then it’s time to learn how to pack properly!

Solution – Stick to wrinkle-free clothing and roll your items up instead of folding them.

      2.       Damaged Goods

There is nothing worse than opening your suitcase and finding your precious souvenirs are damaged. If you’ve ever had an item destroyed, you may need to take some extra care when you’re packing.

Solution – NEVER put breakable items in your checked luggage, rather wrap them up in newspaper or bubble wrap and carry them with you.

      3.       Too much Baggage

Does it take three people plus a heavy lifting champion to pick up your carry-on bag? If you answered yes then it’s time to lighten the load – no one wants to deal with access baggage fees for packing too much.

Solution – It is a good idea to check the weather beforehand so you don’t over pack or pack anything you do not need.

      4.       Pre-Trip Panic

Do you find it hard to sleep before you go on your trip because you stress that you have forgotten to pack something important? The trick to avoiding unnecessary stress is to give yourself time to pack and stay organised.

Solution – NEVER pack an hour before your trip, rather make a list and make sure to go through it while you are packing.

If you think your suitcase-stuffing strategy needs a bit of work, then remember to use these easy solutions before you go on your trip, nothing can ruin a holiday faster than a silly packing problem.