Wednesday 29 July 2015

What does an Air Traffic Controller do?

As the name suggests, an air traffic controller is in charge of traffic, in and around the airport, and maintains communication with pilots, appraising them with vital information. They also perform several other duties which ensure aircraft safety in the air and on the ground.

The air traffic controller position is one of the most important job profiles in the airline industry. They are responsible for the safety of an aircraft and all its passengers. People working in this field work long hard hours and the job can become very stressful at times!

This job carries a lot of responsibility, as you are in charge of the safety of passengers, crew, and expensive aircraft. The job is kind of like being a traffic cop, standing at a junction. They are responsible for the smooth flow of traffic, without any accidents. One of the primary functions of the controller is to make sure that landing strips are free for aircraft landing and taking off. To ensure this, they must always have constant communication with the aircraft on the ground and in the air. They use advanced telecommunication systems to do their job effectively.

They will also stay in touch with the weather services and the air traffic control centres for information on weather conditions like wind, rain, snow, etc. In cases of bad weather, they will assist pilots in safely landing the aircraft, by providing vital information, and preparing the ground crew for any emergencies.

They will also monitor air traffic with the help of radar, from a screen in the control tower. The controller will use the radar screen to chart a safe and correct flight path for aircraft approaching and leaving the airport.

He will also provide assistance to pilots for in-flight emergencies, related to technical difficulties or related to passengers. For example, if a passenger has health problems on board, the controller will facilitate a priority landing and make sure that emergency medical services are available on the ground. A few air traffic controllers will also be in charge of charting safe and congestion-free flight plans to prevent in-air collisions and ensure smooth passage of aircraft.

That the job carries great responsibility is probably a huge understatement, considering the nature of the work. The profession commands high respect. If you are looking to make a career in this profession, you need to have personal qualities like patience, ability to interpret data quickly, and excellent communication skills.

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Monday 27 July 2015

8 Obvious Signs that you’re a Tourist

Travelling is an opportunity to experience new places and new cultures. Unfortunately most travelers stand out like sore thumbs! Don’t be a foreigner, blend in with the locals and experience life through their eyes.

These 8 signs will signal to the locals that you are obviously a tourist.

1. Skimpy Clothing

Unless you crave unwanted attention, leave the miniskirts and cleavage-bearing shirts at home. If you are travelling to a country that is religious, like the Middle East or to Jerusalem, you should be smart enough to wear conservative clothing.

2. Guidebooks

Avoid carrying around your guidebook everywhere like it’[s your favourite accessory! In addition to looking like a stereo typical tourist, you’ll miss out on the experience of actually being there.

3. Sneakers

People in Europe do not wear sneakers unless they are going for a jog. Are you planning on jogging to the top of the Eiffel Tower? If not, then leave the sneakers at home, especially if they are bright and draw a lot of attention.

4. National Flags

Do not, I repeat, do not wear clothing splayed with your national flag if you are in another country. This is a way to stand out from the crowd for all the wrong reasons!

5. Gaudy Jewelry

Wearing over the top diamond rings or flashy necklaces when traveling sets you up to be robbed! Of course, the best thing to do is leave your expensive jewelry at home.

6. Backpacks

However for daily travel to and from sites and locales, avoid taking a backpack for your main baggage. Large and bulky, these bags aren’t meant for inner city travel or for walking through museums.

7. Cameras

A camera that is worn as a necklace just shouts tourist. Avoid this by packing light, like a handheld digital camera. This way you can tuck your camera away after you’ve got your shot.

8. A Fanny Pack / Moon Bag

You’d think these awful looking bags would have been long forgotten by now! However there are always travelers who feel the urge to pack their money and other important things in one of these things. Unless you want to be the target of thieves and jokes, throw your fanny pack in the garbage.

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Friday 24 July 2015

How to make a flight attendant like you…

Being a flight attendant is often a thankless job. They spent most of their time in the air, dealing with grumpy travelers and unfriendly faces. For those of you who would like to fly friendlier skies, and maybe get a few free bags of peanuts, here’s how you can butter up your flight attendant and really make their day just a little better.

1. Say Hello
Yes, you are probably really tired from walking all the way across the airport; it takes a lot of effort to get through those long security lines without raging. But, how hard is it to give a friendly greeting? A friendly smile and a warm “Hello” can do wonders.

2. Pay Attention
They’re not doing the whole seat belt demonstration for their health – they’re doing it for you! Nothing is worse than talking to a bunch of people who aren’t really listening. Take a few minutes to listen to the announcements and your attention will be noted.

3. Pack a Present
Who doesn’t like presents? No, you shouldn’t bring an extra bag full of loot every time you fly, but if you’re embarking on a particularly long flight, then a little packet of cookies or a nice treat may just get you moved to the front of the cabin.

4. Try a Compliment
Wearing a uniform and heels every day in a moving airplane isn’t exactly a fun time. Giving a compliment about their hairstyle or piece of jewelry can make their day. Be nice!

5. Don’t be a Creeper
This one is for the guys especially. Don’t hit on the flight attendants! There’s a big difference between being nice and being just plain creepy. That difference will become obvious very quickly when you go from getting free drinks to getting tackled by an air marshal.

6. Control your Child
If your child is having a ball continuously pressing the call bell, or scaling the back of your seat like Spiderman, then you will definitely not get any freebies and it’s safe to say the entire plane probably hates you.

7. Keep your Shoes on
The flight attendants have probably spent many hours flying, the last thing they want to do is smell your stinky feet. If you are going to release your little piggies, at least make sure that you have a clean pair of socks.

8. Don’t Snap your Fingers
Your flight attendants name isn’t “hey you!”, so stop yelling in an attempt to fill your orange juice. Also avoid snapping your fingers or whistling, a simple “excuse me” and a smile can go a long way.

9. Have Some Manners
If you wouldn’t behave a certain way in front of your mother, you shouldn’t behave like that on a plane either. Chew with your mouth closed, clean up after yourself and say “please” and “thank you.” Don’t be that person who gets told ten times to put away their phone or stow away the tray table.

10. Empathize
Interrupting the flight attendant who is attempting to control a drunk passenger will not have any pleasant results. Rather give them a sympathy look or whisper something like “I don’t know how you do it”, you may score a few extra mini bottles of alcohol or a complimentary snack box!

All a flight attendant needs is a little understanding, it’s their job to be pleasant and friendly – so return the favour.

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Wednesday 22 July 2015

The world’s most luxurious airport lounges

Are you looking for ultimate comfort and luxury before you embark on your flight? Well, an hour or two in a great airport lounge is the ideal way to relax and unwind.

Here are some of the most luxurious airport lounges in the world that will make you hope for your flight to be delayed…

Qantas First Class Lounge – Sydney International Airport
If you feel like a fancy massage, facial or foot or leg wrap, all spa treatments are complimentary at this airport lounge. There is also a silent room if you need some peace and quiet, plus, let’s not forget the eighty swanky marble-lined shower rooms!

The Skyteam Lounge – Heathrow Airport
This two-story airport is popularly known for its very impressive “Oxygen Bar.” Here, you can receive a ten minute session of pure oxygen, including a choice of flavoured scents such as citrus or pure air. Once you’ve had your fill of oxygen you can make the most of the pour-your-own wine lounge.

Lufthansa First-Class Lounge – Frankfurt Airport Not only does this lounge provide an area away from the rest of the busy airport, but it also has a terminal all to itself. Some of the facilities include valet parking, a cigar lounge, two sleeping rooms and even private bathrooms. When it comes the time for you to board, a limo will take you directly to the plane!

Etihad Diamond First Class Lounge – Abu Dhabi International Airport
This oasis in the Middle East has more than you could ever need! A cigar lounge, champagne bar, Six Senses Spa and nannies on hand if you have any kids in tow. Etihad have also introduced an Arrivals lounge where you can take full advantage of the on-site barber for a free wet shave.

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse – JFK Airport, New York
An airport lounge with real New York style, the Clubhouse has a long list of amenities. The lounge features a Bumble & Bumble hair salon for a post-holiday haircut and even person-sized cavities lined with wool for some me-time. You’ll have to see it to believe it!

Are you planning you next holiday? Why not take a look at these luxurious airport lounges next time you are in any of these destinations?

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Tuesday 21 July 2015

How to back up your data on the road

Are you fully backed up if any of your electronics and gadgets get stolen or lost while you’re travelling?

These days everything is a lot easier to back up and a whole lot simpler. So, what happens if you lose your phone, your tablet or your laptop? Here are a few options for keeping your memories in your possession no matter what happens!


This can be both a blessing and a curse on the road! So, if you are using an automated program like Apple’s or Microsoft’s you device can get damaged every time you turn it on as it tried to back up all the photos or videos you took. The best option is to use an online backup when you have a good connection.


If you frequently go on holiday and then return to a home base, a full-blown external hard drive is your best bet. It will hold everything you need to store and transfer data quickly. You can get a full-size hard drive you a reasonable price, or buy a cheap, small one that fits easily in your pocket.


Always have a short-term backup plan in place for what you just stored, like photographs! SD memory cards are a good option as they have gotten very cheap, so you might aswel carry around a few. USB thumb drives are also very cheap these days, and you can buy one for less than R100. It’s a good idea to carry one that has your passport copies, medical records, ID, etc.

You always need a backup plan, as you never know what could happen on the road – an eaten ATM card, stolen wallet, crashed hard drive – redundancy will save the day.

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Monday 20 July 2015

Things we no longer see on airplanes

Travelling by airplane is really different than how it used to be back in the day! And that’s not only including all the crazy and elaborate security restrictions that get added every time some psycho sticks a bomb on a plane. There used to be a lot of different amenities that gradually disappeared over time, because of costs etc.

Here are some things we never see on most flights today that were the norm many years ago…

In the late 1940s, the Boeing Stratocruiser had a beautifully appointed ladies’ lounge and reclining springy chairs plus each chair in the main cabin (not just First Class) could be adjusted and manipulated to form enough sleeping berths for each passenger.

In the early 1980s, Continental Airlines outfitted some of their DC-10s with what they called a “Pub” configuration. Besides a walk-up wet bar with circular tables and swivel chairs, the Pub area also had a two-player Pong game

Southern Airways offered champagne to every passenger back in the 1970s. The company probably needed all that booze and poufy pillows to take the edge off of its multi-stop routes!

Pan Am’s 707 Clippers used to offer restaurant-quality meals to customers. Even better, the meals were served seat side by an on-board chef on their Trans-Atlantic flights.

American Airlines featured a piano lounge in the rear of their 747s back in the 1970s. The instrument requires frequent repairs because of over-enthusiasts music lovers spilling their cocktails on the keys. What could be more relaxing on a flight than a bunch of intoxicated folks singing and playing the piano off-key?

Some changes are simply for the better!

Pan Am’s 707 Clipper had fresh flower arrangements on every tray table and didn’t have to worry about the contents being spilled because the airplane was advertised as being “vibration free.”

In 1965, flight attendants welcomed passengers aboard on one outfit, then changed to another for the meal service, and then into something else for the other portions of the flight.

In the good ol’ days, the standard seat pitch in the Economy Class was 34 inches, but today the average is closer to 31 inches. Once an airline buys a craft, they’re free to configure the seats inside however they please, and these days that means “crowded”.

Or any row with an “I” designation. Watch the seat numbers the next time you’re on a plane – they usually run “HJK.” Why is there no “I”? Blame computers.

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Wednesday 15 July 2015

Travel Hacks that will make your life so much easier

When it comes to travel and advice, there is no such thing as too much. If you love travelling, here are 21 travel hacks that will help you have the best trip ever!

Hack 1: Travel by land
Traveling by land allows you to see more of the country. It is also generally a lot cheaper than flying. Visiting Cape Town? If you find that you’d rather take a shortcut and fly there, contact Airport Shuttle and we can take you to or from Cape Town International Airport – quick and easy!

Hack 2: Leave guidebooks at home
Why lug them around when you can get to know the locals? It is a good way to sharpen your language skills too.

Hack 3: Pack less
Do you really need to pack all that stuff? Be honest with yourself and only pack the items that you need. You will have a lot less to carry around and more space to fit souvenirs.

Hack 4: Go vegetarian on the flight
By going for the vegetarian option, you will get a fresher and healthier meal. This can have a positive uplifting effect, plus it can also help with jet-lag.

Hack 5: When searching for flights browse privately
Many travel companies use cookies to monitor your browsing so that they can raise prices. You can get cheaper flights by setting your browser to private ort using another internet connection.

 Hack 6: Bring a hoodie
This item of clothing has multi-purposes. A good example if to fold it up and turn it into a comfy pillow!

Hack 7: Dummy wallet
Take a spare wallet with old bank cards and a bit of cash. This is a great way to get the better of muggers and turn them into dummies.

Hack 8: Eat like a local
Not only will you avoid the over-the-top tourist prices, but you will generally get better quality food and have an authentic cultural experience.

Hack 9: Get a room on the second floor
The second floor of your accommodation is optimum. It’s more difficult for people to try break in and you will have much better views of the scenery. Book in at 808 Cartwright for an affordable self-catering apartment with amazing views of the Mother City.

Hack 10: Use a local Sim card
Roaming costs are extortionate! By using a local simcard in your smartphone, you will save so much money.

Hack 11: Smart sandwich bag
If you are going to visit the beach, store your smartphone in a sandwich bag. This is a smart way to protect your phone from sand and water.

Hack 12: Fragile
If you luggage is labelled as fragile, people will be more likely to handle it with care. This means one less headache for you.

Hack 13: Save space
Roll your belt into your shirt collar and put all your socks and underwear in your shoes, these nifty tricks are a great way to maximize luggage space.

Hack 14: Depart on a Tuesday or Wednesday
Save yourself some money. Research shows that flights are generally cheaper on those days.

Hack 15: Learn the best way to pack
There is an art to packing. Master it and you will get rid of any suitcase headaches forever.

Hack 16: Weigh your luggage
Avoid the nightmare of being told your luggage is too heavy. Way it before you leave and guarantee yourself a smooth check-in.

Hack 17: Pack necklaces in straws
Bringing your favourite necklaces along? Put them inside drinking straws, this is a great way to prevent them from becoming tangled up.

Hack 18: Take advantage of free WiFi
Don’t go and pay crazy internet caf√© prices. Simply find out the WiFi hotspots and check your emails for free.

Hack 19: Pack an empty bottle
Don’t pay rip-off airport prices for mineral water, take an empty bottle with you and fill it up with water on your own.

Hack 20: Charge your phone
If you’ve broken or lost your charger, this is a great way to keep your smartphone powered up. All you need is a USB cable that connects to your device.

Hack 21: Dryer sheet in your suitcase
This will keep your clothes smelling nice and fresh on all those long journeys.

Knowing the tricks of the trade and mastering these inside skills will always get you a lot further, plus you will have the best experience ever.

Tuesday 14 July 2015

How you pack your suitcase can say a lot about you!

When it comes to packing your luggage, you can either love it or hate it! It is both a horrible chore and a sign of good times ahead. When it comes to packing do you organize every single item or just throw everything into your bag and hope for the best?

Read below and find your packing technique below and see what it has to say about you!

The Roller
You are about as practical as they come. Somewhere between throwing stuff randomly and making a neat list you decidedly to thoughtfully roll everything up neatly and put your clothing in like pieces of a puzzle. You are an efficient traveler and you plan the essentials, but you are still all about being spontaneous. Plus rolling your clothes prevents wrinkles and saves a lot of space.

The Over-Packer
Your mind is full of “what ifs”: “What if I do hiking and need my hiking boots? What if I go to a lot of fancy dinners? What if I don’t feel like wearing that jacket? I should pack all three.” All these scenarios can lead to you packing your entire closet for one weekend away. Over-packers want a wide variety of options, and even when you have weeded out all the unnecessary items, you still have to sit on the bag to zip it.

The Carry-On Connoisseur
You are an efficient traveler that has perfected the fine art of traveling light and walking through airports with the greatest of ease. For you it is all about planning ahead, being organized, practical and extremely minimalist. You know exactly how to make the most of a small amount of versatile clothing and you own just about travel-sized everything.

The Hacker Packer
You find and use every packing trick in the book! Wrapping bottles so they don’t spill, socks and underwear stuffed inside your shoes – you name it and they do it. When it comes to packed suitcases, yours looks like it was conducted by an engineer; after all packing hacks are your specialty.

The 11th-Hour Packer
You won’t find any organized piles or lists here. You are a complete whirlwind in the packing department, running around at the very last minute throwing almost anything and everything into a suitcase. The end result could be wonderful, but majority of the time it is utterly disastrous. You prefer to live life on the edge; life’s too short to worry about being organized!

We all have our own preferred packing method, but what does your suitcase really say about you? Discover your packing personality and what it may reveal about you as a traveler!

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Monday 13 July 2015

What your airplane seat says about you

Choosing your seat on an airplane is a big deal. Why? Well, it’s a rare opportunity to have some control over your environment when travelling, and that is very significant for a traveler.

Ask someone whether they’re an aisle of a window person, and they don’t hesitate to answer, so lets find out what your seat choice says about you.

If you’re an aisle person…
     -     You value freedom – Choosing an aisle seat is an expression of freedom. You know you have the ability to get up and walk around without having to ask anyone or climb over your seat mate.
     -    You’re an introvert – When stuck in a large group of people, introverts feel physically uncomfortable and tend to want have an easy escape route and don’t like to be surrounded by people or objects on all sides. The aisle seats checks those boxes more than any other.
     -     You’re all business – No gazing out the window and daydreaming for you. Plus it’s usually much more comfortable to sleep at the window, so you’ll likely be up working or reading a book.
     -     You like to be in a power position – You’re the first one to talk to the flight attendant when she asks what you want to drink. You control your seat mates in a sense – middle and window people need to ask you to go the bathroom – and you can set the tone for the interaction by either being nice or grumpy about it.
     -     You tend toward claustrophobic – Sitting on the aisle is about as much space as you get on board, unfortunately you can’t sit on the wing.

If you’re a window person…
     -     You value privacy – When you choose the window, there’s a wall on one side, so for the most part, and you’re insulated enough that you won’t be affected by other people’s behaviour. And you won’t have your seat mate asking you to move so he can go to the bathroom.
     -     You’re a nester – You can create your own little own space by the window. The spot feels cozier, and you can rest a pillow against the wall for more comfy naps.
     -     You’re a dreamer – Some people like to look out the window and think about all the amazing places out there that they can visit.
     -     You’re open to new experiences – The fact that the window allows you to watch the actual Rocky Mountains go by – which in your world that’s so much better than watching an in-flight movie about the Rockies – belies this trait.

If you’re cool with the middle seat…
     -     You’re an extrovert – Outgoing people like social contact, so they wouldn’t dread sitting between two strangers as much as others might.
     -     You’re highly evolved – Being okay with the middle seat, especially on a long flight, is an exercise in acceptance and willingness to allow what is be what is. If you’re able to give up your privacy and your autonomy, and realize it’s just a moment in time that will pass, you’re probably the most enlightened passenger on the plane.
     -     You’re considerate – Often when someone chooses the aisle seat, it’s because they’re with a friend or partner, and they’re doing it as a gift to the traveling companion.
     -     You’re low man on the totem pole – If you’re traveling with family or friends and you get stuck in the middle seat (as opposed to offering to sit there), it’s probably because you’re the one with the least amount of power in the group
     -     You’re disorganised – People who repeatedly end up with the middle seat may very well be there because they failed to sufficiently plan ahead. Get it together!

Do you spend your time obsessively checking before picking a seat, or do you even pay more for a certain position on the plane? Picking your seat is an important thing – Here’s what your seat choice reveals about you as a person!

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Friday 10 July 2015

International Travel Survey Shows how South Africa Shines!

South Africa has once again shown that is one of the top travel destinations in the world. Three local hotels, one city and a safari tour operator all feature in the Travel + Leisure’s World Best Awards 2015.

The international travel magazine hosts and annual survey, asking its readers to vote in different categories, including “Best Cities”, “Best Hotels”, “Best Airports”, “Best Spas”, and so much more.
Here is a list of South Africa’s achievements in the survey…

Best Cities

A regular on the top travel lists, Cape Town once again cracked the nod among Travel + Leisure readers, ranking in the ninth position on the Best Cities list. It followed Barcelona in 8th position and just beat Jerusalem, which came in at number 10. Japan’s Kyoto was named the top city in the world.

Best Hotels

Singita Sabi Sand
Coming in at 7th position of Best Hotels, Singita Sabi Sand, which is across from Kruger National Park, made it into the Travel + Leisure Hall of Fame, as it has featured on the list for 10 years in a row! Readers gave the luxurious safari lodge a 96.47 rating, highlighting romance and eco-friendliness as its biggest success, as well as the fact that is an all-inclusive and off the beaten path.

The Saxon Spa and Villas
This beautiful Johannesburg hotel took the 25th position on the list with a ranking of 94.75. great design, amazing views, mouth-watering food and drink plus it is popular with the locals – these are some of the things highlighted as its distinguishing features.

Singita Kruger National Park
The lavish concession lodge was listed in 59th position, with special mention being made of its kids’ safaris and tracking tutorials.

Best Safari Tour Operator

andBeyond Luxury Safaris, which is based in Joburg, was voted the 5th best safari tour operator in the world. The company owns 46 lodges and camps across Africa and India; however Travel + Leisure picked the Bush Skills Academy at Phinda Private Game Reserve as their favourite among the lot.

Tuesday 7 July 2015

10 Things you DON’T need to pack!

You’ve probably read plenty of articles about what to pack before you take a trip but less often do professional travelers tell you what NOT to pack in your suitcase. Ready to pack smarter?

Here are 10 things you don’t need to pack and should leave at home to make your suitcase lighter and more manageable.

1. Expensive jewellery
Even if you’re going on a five-star cruise, leave your expensive jewellery, including watches, at home because travellers are just asking for it when they wear their flashy stuff. In fact, it is recommended that women turn their engagement rings around, when traveling through local markets and train stations, so that stones of the ring are facing their palm.

If you do insist on bringing expensive jewellery for a special occasion like a fancy wedding, then carry it on the plane with you; don’t check it! And don’t wear it out on the town every day. Leave your valuables in a safety deposit box at the front desk of a hotel or cruise ship or in a safe.

2. Travel iron
No one likes wrinkled clothes but chances are that wherever you’re going, they’ll have an iron. And if they don’t, like on a cruise ship, where irons are considered a fire hazard, there are other ways to get wrinkles out of your clothing. The best trick: Hang your clothes in the bathroom when you’re taking a hot shower. The heat will usually steam the wrinkles right out! Or, I’m also a fan of packing wrinkle-free clothing so I don’t even need to worry about ironing

3. All of your tech gadgets
These days, most people have a smartphone, a laptop, a tablet, an e-reader…but do you really need all of them when you travel? Try to pare your tech collection down to the essentials and leave the others at home. For instance, if you can download the Kindle app on your iPad, you can leave your Kindle at home and just read your books on your iPad. That way, you can also leave their respective chargers at home, too.

4. Shampoo, conditioner and body lotion
We all like the products we like but when you travel, why take up all that space with your shampoo, conditioner and lotions? Unless you are going camping or staying in a hostel, wherever you go will have it all. If you don’t think you will like the hotel’s brand of amenities, then you can always go to a local pharmacy or grocery store and buy some. If you must have your favorite shampoo, then be sure it’s in the proper size container if you are doing carry-on only.

5. Hair dryer
Don’t even think about it. I’m always surprised when I hear women bringing their own hair dryer. Really? Do you not think the hotel, cruise ship or rental house will have it? Packing a hair dryer is just taking up valuable room in your suitcase unnecessarily and adds weight to your bags.

6. Paper guidebooks
Gone are the days when travellers have to stock their suitcases or carry-on bags with thick and heavy guidebooks. Don’t get me wrong – I love guidebooks but this is the 21st century and you can find all the information you need online or download it on to your smartphone or tablet.

7. Too many clothes
There’s an old saying: Pack half the clothes and twice the money. Those are words to live by. As you’re preparing for a trip, lay out all the clothes and money you plan to bring. Then only pack half the clothes and double the amount of money you had planned on. Like so many people, I used to over pack and then I got wise. And don’t use the excuse that you’re a girl who needs more stuff – the most girly —can travel with a suitcase the size of trunk, but once you see the light, you’ll start using a suitcase that’s smaller.

8. Designer luggage
Speaking of luggage, don’t bring expensive designer luggage as it only draws the attention of thieves. If you’re a thief, who are you going to rob: someone that has a designer bag or someone that’s got some generic suitcase? Case closed.

9. Shoes
When you travel, bring one comfortable pair of walking/running shoes and one pair of dressy shoes. Since women tend to have smaller feet, they can usually fit a few options.

10. Over-the-counter drugs
It is illegal to bring some over-the-counter medicines commonly used into some foreign countries, like Japan. These drugs include inhalers and some allergy and sinus medications. Specifically, products that contain stimulants or codeine are prohibited.

As you can see, most of the things I’ve listed will save you space in your suitcase but some can also save you jail time!

What things do YOU leave at home?

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Monday 6 July 2015

A guide on how to survive a flight filled with screaming children

Flying can be stressful at the best of times, but if you are on a flight filled with crying babies and annoying children.

Here’s the top 10 tips to handling the stress, or reducing it!

Travel during term time

Or if that’s not possible opt for a very early morning flight on short haul journeys and a night flight if travelling long haul. Most families find early flights a difficult option (as it takes a long time to get out of the house!) while you would hope that most children will sleep for at least some of an overnight journey.

Pick a good airline

With a varied in-flight entertainment system. Some airlines always seem to have lots of programmes and games specifically aimed at children. Virgin often provide colouring books and crayons too to keep them occupied.

Take ear plugs

Or in a last resort wrap a jumper, scarf or blanket around your head to block out as much noise as possible. An eye mask is a handy accessory too. If you’re unfortunate enough to be sitting next to a pesky child if they think you are asleep they hopefully won’t bother you.

Have a couple of alcoholic drinks

Before your board or on the early stages of the flight to knock you out so you can sleep for some of the journey. Or if that fails, Night Nurse is a good option for making you drowsy.

Invest in a good pair of headphones

While it might seem unimaginable to pay a lot of money for a pair of headphones you’ll be thankful when they block out ALL the noise. It’s also worth putting a good playlist together on your iPod. Your headphones will also come in handy for immersing yourself in a good in-flight entertainment system.

Take a bag of sweets for the journey to share out

Sometimes a sugar fix can help a bored and tired child. (Just ask the parent for permission first!) Try not to give them too many sweets, as a sugar rush may have the opposite effect.

Travel to more unusual destinations

European beach breaks are popular choices for families travelling on first holidays with young children so maybe pick a long-haul destination for your holiday. Obviously avoid places like Orlando and Paris which are very popular with families travelling to Disney!

Sit by the window

This won’t eradicate the situation completely but at least you’ll avoid desperate mums walking up and down the aisles trying to calm a baby or annoying kids running around.

Choose your seat in advance

Look at a map of the plane in advance and pick a seat away from the toilet where bored children often congregate. Many families choose the middle row so a family of three or four can sit together.

Travel first class

If you can afford it! Or even business/premium economy. Very few families will pay extra money for the whole family to travel so you should be able to travel in relative peace.

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Friday 3 July 2015

The World’s Scariest Runways

Nail-biting landings and harrowing takeoffs-buckle up when you fly into these airports…

Princess Juliana International Airport – St. Maarten
The length of the runway, which is just 7,152 feet, is perfectly fine for small or medium jets, but as the second busiest airport in the Eastern Caribbean, it welcomes heavy aircraft like Boeings and Airbuses on a regular basis. The scary part is that they fly incredibly low over Maho Beach and skim just over the perimeter fence.

Toncontin Airport – Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Pilots must fly through mountainous terrain and then execute a dramatic 45-degree last-minute bank to the left just minutes before touching down in a valley with a runway of just 6,112 feet.

Gibraltar Airport – Gibraltar
This airport’s runway stretches just 6,000 feet, with the Mediterranean on one side and the Bay of Gibraltar on the other. When pilots hit the tarmac they must quickly and fully engage the auto-brakes, and as nerve-wracking as the landing can be, it’s never guaranteed!

Madeira Airport – Funchal
Wedged in between the mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, this airport requires a clockwise approach for which pilots are specially trained. The runway is a hair-raising affair that pilots absolutely dread! They must first point their aircraft at the mountains and at the last minute, bank right to align with the runway.

Juancho E. Yrauspuin Airport – Saba
Perched in a peninsula on the island is this airport’s runway. Pilots must tackle gale-force winds as they maneuver for a perfect landing, there’s no room for error on a tiny 1,300 foot runway.

Kai Tak Airport – Hong Kong
Although it closed in 1998, this famous urban airport will go down in history as one of the scariest of all times. Planes would practically graze skyscrapers and jagged mountains as they took off and landed on a single runway.

Barra Airport – Barra, Scotland
Have you ever landed on a beach? Well the airport on the tiny island of Barra is actually a wide shallow bay onto which scheduled planes land. The roughness of the landings is determined by how the tide goes out to sea.

Tenzing-Hillary Airport – Lukla, Nepal
This airport not only has one of the steepest uphill runways in the world, but its drop-off into the Himalayan valley below is sure to give you a heart attack.

Courchevel – France
This airport is famous for its super-short ski slope runway, which is punctuated with a vertical mountainside drop. Ice and unpredictable winds are always a concern for pilots who must meet training requirements before being able to land in this winter wonderland.

Tioman Island – Malaysia
Landing on this volcanic South China Sea isle has et many a pilot’s and passenger’s hair on end. Its approach, directly into a mountain with a 90-degree turn to align with the runway ends short with a cliff – if you don’t jam the brakes, you’re a goner!

Reagan National Airport – Washington, D.C.
Located smack in the middle of two overlapping air-exclusion zones, Reagan National requires pilots to follow the Potomac while steering clear of sensitive sites like the Pentagon and the CIA headquarters before making a steep turn and landing. Taking off also requires pilots to climb quickly and avoid flying over the White House.

These terrifying airport runways are enough to make you take the train – or never fly again!

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