Friday 24 July 2015

How to make a flight attendant like you…

Being a flight attendant is often a thankless job. They spent most of their time in the air, dealing with grumpy travelers and unfriendly faces. For those of you who would like to fly friendlier skies, and maybe get a few free bags of peanuts, here’s how you can butter up your flight attendant and really make their day just a little better.

1. Say Hello
Yes, you are probably really tired from walking all the way across the airport; it takes a lot of effort to get through those long security lines without raging. But, how hard is it to give a friendly greeting? A friendly smile and a warm “Hello” can do wonders.

2. Pay Attention
They’re not doing the whole seat belt demonstration for their health – they’re doing it for you! Nothing is worse than talking to a bunch of people who aren’t really listening. Take a few minutes to listen to the announcements and your attention will be noted.

3. Pack a Present
Who doesn’t like presents? No, you shouldn’t bring an extra bag full of loot every time you fly, but if you’re embarking on a particularly long flight, then a little packet of cookies or a nice treat may just get you moved to the front of the cabin.

4. Try a Compliment
Wearing a uniform and heels every day in a moving airplane isn’t exactly a fun time. Giving a compliment about their hairstyle or piece of jewelry can make their day. Be nice!

5. Don’t be a Creeper
This one is for the guys especially. Don’t hit on the flight attendants! There’s a big difference between being nice and being just plain creepy. That difference will become obvious very quickly when you go from getting free drinks to getting tackled by an air marshal.

6. Control your Child
If your child is having a ball continuously pressing the call bell, or scaling the back of your seat like Spiderman, then you will definitely not get any freebies and it’s safe to say the entire plane probably hates you.

7. Keep your Shoes on
The flight attendants have probably spent many hours flying, the last thing they want to do is smell your stinky feet. If you are going to release your little piggies, at least make sure that you have a clean pair of socks.

8. Don’t Snap your Fingers
Your flight attendants name isn’t “hey you!”, so stop yelling in an attempt to fill your orange juice. Also avoid snapping your fingers or whistling, a simple “excuse me” and a smile can go a long way.

9. Have Some Manners
If you wouldn’t behave a certain way in front of your mother, you shouldn’t behave like that on a plane either. Chew with your mouth closed, clean up after yourself and say “please” and “thank you.” Don’t be that person who gets told ten times to put away their phone or stow away the tray table.

10. Empathize
Interrupting the flight attendant who is attempting to control a drunk passenger will not have any pleasant results. Rather give them a sympathy look or whisper something like “I don’t know how you do it”, you may score a few extra mini bottles of alcohol or a complimentary snack box!

All a flight attendant needs is a little understanding, it’s their job to be pleasant and friendly – so return the favour.

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