Tuesday, 21 July 2015

How to back up your data on the road

Are you fully backed up if any of your electronics and gadgets get stolen or lost while you’re travelling?

These days everything is a lot easier to back up and a whole lot simpler. So, what happens if you lose your phone, your tablet or your laptop? Here are a few options for keeping your memories in your possession no matter what happens!


This can be both a blessing and a curse on the road! So, if you are using an automated program like Apple’s or Microsoft’s you device can get damaged every time you turn it on as it tried to back up all the photos or videos you took. The best option is to use an online backup when you have a good connection.


If you frequently go on holiday and then return to a home base, a full-blown external hard drive is your best bet. It will hold everything you need to store and transfer data quickly. You can get a full-size hard drive you a reasonable price, or buy a cheap, small one that fits easily in your pocket.


Always have a short-term backup plan in place for what you just stored, like photographs! SD memory cards are a good option as they have gotten very cheap, so you might aswel carry around a few. USB thumb drives are also very cheap these days, and you can buy one for less than R100. It’s a good idea to carry one that has your passport copies, medical records, ID, etc.

You always need a backup plan, as you never know what could happen on the road – an eaten ATM card, stolen wallet, crashed hard drive – redundancy will save the day.

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