Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Travel Hacks that will make your life so much easier

When it comes to travel and advice, there is no such thing as too much. If you love travelling, here are 21 travel hacks that will help you have the best trip ever!

Hack 1: Travel by land
Traveling by land allows you to see more of the country. It is also generally a lot cheaper than flying. Visiting Cape Town? If you find that you’d rather take a shortcut and fly there, contact Airport Shuttle and we can take you to or from Cape Town International Airport – quick and easy!

Hack 2: Leave guidebooks at home
Why lug them around when you can get to know the locals? It is a good way to sharpen your language skills too.

Hack 3: Pack less
Do you really need to pack all that stuff? Be honest with yourself and only pack the items that you need. You will have a lot less to carry around and more space to fit souvenirs.

Hack 4: Go vegetarian on the flight
By going for the vegetarian option, you will get a fresher and healthier meal. This can have a positive uplifting effect, plus it can also help with jet-lag.

Hack 5: When searching for flights browse privately
Many travel companies use cookies to monitor your browsing so that they can raise prices. You can get cheaper flights by setting your browser to private ort using another internet connection.

 Hack 6: Bring a hoodie
This item of clothing has multi-purposes. A good example if to fold it up and turn it into a comfy pillow!

Hack 7: Dummy wallet
Take a spare wallet with old bank cards and a bit of cash. This is a great way to get the better of muggers and turn them into dummies.

Hack 8: Eat like a local
Not only will you avoid the over-the-top tourist prices, but you will generally get better quality food and have an authentic cultural experience.

Hack 9: Get a room on the second floor
The second floor of your accommodation is optimum. It’s more difficult for people to try break in and you will have much better views of the scenery. Book in at 808 Cartwright for an affordable self-catering apartment with amazing views of the Mother City.

Hack 10: Use a local Sim card
Roaming costs are extortionate! By using a local simcard in your smartphone, you will save so much money.

Hack 11: Smart sandwich bag
If you are going to visit the beach, store your smartphone in a sandwich bag. This is a smart way to protect your phone from sand and water.

Hack 12: Fragile
If you luggage is labelled as fragile, people will be more likely to handle it with care. This means one less headache for you.

Hack 13: Save space
Roll your belt into your shirt collar and put all your socks and underwear in your shoes, these nifty tricks are a great way to maximize luggage space.

Hack 14: Depart on a Tuesday or Wednesday
Save yourself some money. Research shows that flights are generally cheaper on those days.

Hack 15: Learn the best way to pack
There is an art to packing. Master it and you will get rid of any suitcase headaches forever.

Hack 16: Weigh your luggage
Avoid the nightmare of being told your luggage is too heavy. Way it before you leave and guarantee yourself a smooth check-in.

Hack 17: Pack necklaces in straws
Bringing your favourite necklaces along? Put them inside drinking straws, this is a great way to prevent them from becoming tangled up.

Hack 18: Take advantage of free WiFi
Don’t go and pay crazy internet caf√© prices. Simply find out the WiFi hotspots and check your emails for free.

Hack 19: Pack an empty bottle
Don’t pay rip-off airport prices for mineral water, take an empty bottle with you and fill it up with water on your own.

Hack 20: Charge your phone
If you’ve broken or lost your charger, this is a great way to keep your smartphone powered up. All you need is a USB cable that connects to your device.

Hack 21: Dryer sheet in your suitcase
This will keep your clothes smelling nice and fresh on all those long journeys.

Knowing the tricks of the trade and mastering these inside skills will always get you a lot further, plus you will have the best experience ever.

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