Tuesday, 14 July 2015

How you pack your suitcase can say a lot about you!

When it comes to packing your luggage, you can either love it or hate it! It is both a horrible chore and a sign of good times ahead. When it comes to packing do you organize every single item or just throw everything into your bag and hope for the best?

Read below and find your packing technique below and see what it has to say about you!

The Roller
You are about as practical as they come. Somewhere between throwing stuff randomly and making a neat list you decidedly to thoughtfully roll everything up neatly and put your clothing in like pieces of a puzzle. You are an efficient traveler and you plan the essentials, but you are still all about being spontaneous. Plus rolling your clothes prevents wrinkles and saves a lot of space.

The Over-Packer
Your mind is full of “what ifs”: “What if I do hiking and need my hiking boots? What if I go to a lot of fancy dinners? What if I don’t feel like wearing that jacket? I should pack all three.” All these scenarios can lead to you packing your entire closet for one weekend away. Over-packers want a wide variety of options, and even when you have weeded out all the unnecessary items, you still have to sit on the bag to zip it.

The Carry-On Connoisseur
You are an efficient traveler that has perfected the fine art of traveling light and walking through airports with the greatest of ease. For you it is all about planning ahead, being organized, practical and extremely minimalist. You know exactly how to make the most of a small amount of versatile clothing and you own just about travel-sized everything.

The Hacker Packer
You find and use every packing trick in the book! Wrapping bottles so they don’t spill, socks and underwear stuffed inside your shoes – you name it and they do it. When it comes to packed suitcases, yours looks like it was conducted by an engineer; after all packing hacks are your specialty.

The 11th-Hour Packer
You won’t find any organized piles or lists here. You are a complete whirlwind in the packing department, running around at the very last minute throwing almost anything and everything into a suitcase. The end result could be wonderful, but majority of the time it is utterly disastrous. You prefer to live life on the edge; life’s too short to worry about being organized!

We all have our own preferred packing method, but what does your suitcase really say about you? Discover your packing personality and what it may reveal about you as a traveler!

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