Friday 31 March 2017

Things you should Never do on an Airplane

Travelling is a stressful time; don’t make it worse by getting sick during your flight! Germs are hiding everywhere on airplanes – here’s how to stay healthy and comfortable while airborne...

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Never walk around barefoot – Everything from vomit to blood has been on that carpet, so always wear shoes to avoid the germ-infested floors.

Don’t sit down your entire flight – It is possible for you to get deep vein thrombosis on an airplane, so walk around for a few minutes every now and again to prevent it.

Keep the air vent on – If you’re getting chilly, put on a jacket. The air vent above your seat helps to blow away any airborne germs before they enter your space.

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Don’t eat food that’s touched the tray table – That tray table definitely does now get sterilized between flights, so unless you have your own placemat say goodbye to that pretzel that fell on the tray and not your plate.

Avoid using the blankets – Wanna know what other item doesn’t get cleaned between flights? The blankets and pillows you use! Unless you want to be subjected to germs and lice, never use these.

Don’t forget to drink water – Airplane cabins are known for their low humidity, so try to drink as much water as you can. Note: NEVER drink the water out the tap on the plane; it has been tested to be crawling with bacteria!

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Never touch the flush button – The toilet is a major germ hangout. Your best bet would be to wash your hands and then use a paper towel to press the flush button and open the door.

Avoid sleeping against the window – You’re not the only one who has sat in that seat, who knows who else has sneezed and coughed against that window.

Don’t add the burden of getting sick to your vacation, use these steps and avoid the germs and stay comfortable!

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Friday 24 March 2017

What do you miss about holidays back in the 90s?

While the digital age is here and going on holiday means posting snaps on Facebook and Instagram and getting the latest travel gadgets, a lot of us miss the good old days of handwritten post cards and Polaroid cameras.

Image result for using polaroid cameraA recent study showed that travellers wanted to go back to the old “Wish you were here” postcards and trinkets from souvenir shops that brought back fond memories.

Here are the top 10 90s holiday items that we miss the most...

-- Film rolls

-- Disposable cameras
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-- Using a paper map

-- Travel iron

-- Travellers cheques

-- Keyrings / fridge magnet souvenirs 

-- Printed travel documents

-- Books

-- Walkman and CDs

-- Fanny packs

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Friday 3 March 2017

10 Ways to Kill Time at the Airport

It’s always best to arrive early for your flight, but sitting for hours at the airport can be a real drag. Do not fear there are so many fun things to do to kill time!

     1.       Check-in on Facebook – This way you can tell everyone which awesome destination you’re headed to and make the world jealous.

ZI Italy facebook internet italy milan

     2.       Go on a foodie pub crawl – Try a snack at every restaurant.

homer simpson the simpsons cartoons & comics simpsons homer

     3.       Pack some wool – Knit someone a handmade gift while you wait.

The Voice season 11 nbc alicia keys knitting

     4.       Make a playlist for the flight – Browse through your whole music library and add all your favourite songs.

Thomas Rhett music country music sunglasses headphones

     5.       Download a fun game on your phone – Try Colour Switch (beware it is addictive)


     6.       Do some exercises – Crunches, push-ups or maybe try some airport yoga!

mad men yoga jon hamm don draper flexible

     7.        Buy some postcards – Write a few to your family, I mean who doesn’t like getting post these days?

mail mailbill

     8.       Take a nap – Remember to keep your luggage close to avoid waking up with nothing.

sleep sleeping lazy saturday couch

     9.       Master something new – Learn a bit of a foreign language, try to plait your hair, do a handstand, etc.

Cheezburger dogs handstand

     10.   People-watch – Play detective and see how much you can figure out by just observing someone.

nicki minaj staring blank stare deadpan stare no comment

Waiting in the airport isn’t so bad when you know how to kill time!

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