Friday, 22 September 2017

How to Get Over Those Post-Holiday Blues

It happens to all of us – we come back from an amazing vacation and the blues hit us hard. Before you start to panic about how bored you are and start planning a new adventure, here’s how to get over those post-holiday blues…

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  Ø  Plan your next trip so you have something exciting to look forward to.

  Ø  Channel your energy into a new endeavour whether it be a career goal, fitness record, studies, etc.

  Ø  Re-create a regular sleeping schedule to get rid of fatigue and jet lag.

  Ø  Get your diet back on track, whether that means trying something healthier or going back to your old 2 minute noodle ways.

  Ø  Think back on happy memories during your trip to get rid of any stress you may be feeling.

  Ø  Reassess all the things in your life that you may think are ordinary.

  Ø  Take advantage of those feelings of restlessness and head out on the town or to local events that you’ll enjoy.

  Ø  Share your experiences with people you love and care for.

  Ø  Organize all your vacation memories on your computer or hard drive, maybe even print a few and stick them in a picture frame!

Beat those blue feelings you may be having after you arrive home from your vacation – Use these 9 helpful tips and you’ll have some time to breathe before you zip off on your next adventure.

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