Friday, 28 April 2017

How to Travel with your Dog

Bringing your dog on a trip with you can really add lots of fun to your trip. However you need to do your homework when it comes to dog travel.

By planning your furry friends travel ahead of time, you can have plenty of time to sit back and relax...

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     1.       PLAN. Some places may require special tests to be done before you travel into their country. Make sure you take the necessary steps before you take your trip.

     2.       BREED. If you have a short-nosed pooch some airlines will not allow them to travel due to their potential breathing difficulties. It’s best to check with the carrier beforehand.

     3.       CHECK & CARRY. Will you be checking your pet as cargo or bringing them on the flight with you. If you have a small dog it is up to you what you do, however larger dogs need to be checked.

     4.       CALL. Some airlines prefer it if you call them ahead of time and make plans for your dog.

     5.       SHOTS. In some countries you will need to present a certificate showing that your dog has the right rabies shots.

     6.       SLEEPING PILLS. Yes, its okay for you to pass out on the plan after taking some sleeping pills, but giving your pet a tranquillizer could make it difficult for them to breathe! Instead check first with your vet to see what pills you can give your dog.

     7.       FOOD & DRINK. Always keep food and water attached to your carrier in case your pet needs feeding if there is ever an emergency situation.

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Make your trip fun for you and your dog!

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