Tuesday, 13 June 2017

How to Survive Travelling with Teenagers

Travel is one of the most important things you can experience with your child. However the teen years can prove quite tricky and travelling with them can be a bit of a challenge.

Make your next trip as teen-friendly as you possibly can with these helpful tips:

  Ø  Get them involved

From the very beginning of your travel adventure, make sure that your teen is involved. Get them to help with choosing a destination, creating itineraries and planning activities. Getting them involved will stir up the excitement and give them a sense of responsibility. Even during the trip, make sure you assign them fun tasks such as taking photographs of the surroundings or navigating with the GPS.

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  Ø  Tough love

This one is a challenge, but it needs to be done. Find a way to convince your teens to leave behind their most precious items, like their tablet, laptop, gaming device, etc. They may protest and cause a scene, but these items will only distract them from spending quality family time together. After a day or so, they’ll come around and you’ll see how much more engaged they’ll be.

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  Ø  Give them space

Even on holiday, teenagers still need their space. This can be tricky if your whole family is stuck in a small hotel room. If possible, it would be great to book separate or adjoining rooms for your older kids. This will give them some space to breathe after a long day of family bonding.

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  Ø  Just chill

There’s always so much to do, but so little time. Make sure when you’re on your vacation that you don’t try and fit too many activities into one day, this will only cause tension and leave everyone feeling frazzled and ready to snap. Rather spread your plans out over a few days and leave time to just chill, like lying by the pool or watching a movie together!

A family with 4 teenage children lounges on wicker furniture under a cabana awning

The teen years are an important time to spend time with family and form a life-long bond. Travelling with teenagers can be difficult, but it is worth the challenge!

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