Thursday, 21 November 2019

5 Useful Tips for Travelling with your Pets

Pet owners who are going away for a summer holiday and plan on bringing their furry friends along for the ride need to know how to travel safely!

To give you complete peace of mind here are 5 useful tips for travelling with your pets…

Puppy pads. Even if your pet is fully grown and fully housetrained, travelling can be stressful for them and can make them a bit confused which can result in some accidents. Always make sure you’re prepared with some puppy pads.

Have them tagged. In case of an emergency it is vital that your pet is wearing a reliable, strong collar as well as tag with all your contact details.

Bring along all the necessities. When you’re travelling with your pet the last thing you want to worry about is filling their medication prescription or finding that specific brand of food. Avoid stressing and pack enough medication, food, etc. for the entire trip.

Go for a check-up before you leave. Before you embark on your journey be sure to take a quick trip to the vet and have a full check-up. If your pet usually gets anxiety from travelling, your vet should prescribe something for your pet.

Find pet-friendly accommodation. A lot of places do not accommodate pets, so it is important that you check ahead before you make any bookings. If you have a large pet, you may want to consider opting for a holiday home.

Have an amazing travel experience with your furry friend, all you have to do is plan ahead and keep these 5 useful tips in mind.

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