Thursday, 14 November 2019

5 Things you need to know about Travelling on Christmas Day

Travelling during the holiday season is stressful and chaotic to say the least; however there is one travel hack you can take advantage of, travelling on Christmas day!

No one wants to travel on Christmas day, so the airports are usually a lot less crowded and the airfares are much cheaper, but a lot of amenities are often closed because it is after all Christmas day.
Here are 5 important things you need to know about travelling on Christmas day:

1. Bring your own food.

Airports are open on Christmas day, however many of the shops or restaurants are closed, making it hard for you to buy something to eat. Your best bet is to pack your own snacks and meals as well as water.

2. Give yourself extra travel time.

Public transportation to and from the airport on Christmas day can be unreliable, not to mention traffic, so make sure to plan how you will travel ahead of time if you’re taking the bus or using a taxi. Contact Airport Shuttle in Cape Town and Durban if you’re looking for a reliable airport shuttle service to and from the airport, book your ride with the easy online booking system | or call +27 (0)21 551 8785 | +27 (0)82 951 3646.

3. Bring extra reading material.

On Christmas day the airport is relatively quiet so it’s a great place to catch up on your reading while you wait for your flight. Be sure to fill up your e-reader or bring along and interesting magazine or the latest novel.

4. Always have emergency information.

Even though Christmas day is a relatively easy day to travel because there are barely any crowds, the airport usually has minimal staff working. Always keep your emergency contact information on hand as well as the number for the hotel you are staying at and the car services you are using.

5. Be nice! 

Half-empty flights on Christmas day means you might stand a chance getting an upgrade, but the trick is that you need to be extra nice. All you have to do is ask and maybe if you’re polite and friendly enough, you might score an upgrade.

Flying on Christmas day means the flights are cheaper and the airport is not as busy, but it can also mean longer travel times to get to the airport and almost no dining options. So make sure to be prepared with these 5 tips and have a happy holiday!

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