Wednesday, 11 February 2015

5 Valentine’s gifts every frequent traveler wants

There’s only three days left until Valentine’s Day and even busy travelers love to know that even when they’re out of sight, they’re not out of mind. Here are 5 perfect gifts for the frequent traveler in your life.

“You are home to me” Map
This beautiful letterpress piece will always remind your traveler that no matter where your adventures take you both, home is always where you are together. The talented artist behind this map sells amazing maps, personalized by choosing your home state to feature beneath the typography and they are printed on vintage atlas pages.

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The share some love headphone splitter
This headphone splitter is just perfect for sharing music with your loved one while you pass the hours on a flight to your next romantic getaway. The audio accessory plugs into your phone and has two headphone connections. The pretty hearts come in “cherry red” and “bashful pink”.

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Fisheye No.2 camera “I Love You, I Love Lomo”
If the love of your life loves travel photography, then this adorable Fish Eye camera from Lomography could be the perfect gift. This love themed camera can document your travels in the most individual of ways, with a 170 degree fish eye lens and on-camera flash.

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Unique Boarding pass cards
Choose from a range of super cute boarding pass cards, every pass has a unique message on it, from “You’re First Class” to “Come Fly With Me”. These are the absolute perfect gift to let your valentine know that you’ve planned a romantic trip.

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Wooden memory box
This memory box is a lovely way to store all your memories. Whether you want to keep notes, souvenirs and mementos that accumulate on a romantic trip together and so often get forgotten. This gift is perfect for the valentine who loves to keep shells from beach trips and polaroid’s of your time together.

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Is your Valentine a frequent traveler? Then here are a few gift ideas for you, they’re sure to show your significant other how much you love their sense of adventure. Plus, these ideas might just inspire your next trip together. 

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Written By: Christine Romans

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