Wednesday, 9 September 2015

6 tiny, yet unforgettable places to stay when you’re travelling

If you’re a traveler who likes to mix it up a bit when you’re adventuring the world, then these offbeat places to stay at should interest you quite a bit! Here are six weird yet wonderful alternatives to generic hotels.

Little Pinky – Texas

This vintage trailer has been renovated to rent out for about R1600 a night, and guess what its only 5.5metres in length! Even though it’s small, it’s really awesome. It is bright pink in colour and located in a desert campground filled with similar trailers, tents and teepees. So you’re bound to meet some eccentric and interesting people!

The Underwater Room – Tanzania

Booking a room at this floating structure should be on your bucket list. It is a cool three-level bunk BELOW the sea, which provides you with amazing views of the ocean life, such as fish, squid, octopuses and many other sea creatures. The cost per night may put a dent in your wallet at about R20 460 a night.

Glass Igloo – Finland

Are you interested in seeing the Northern Lights? This amazing glass dome at the Kakslauttanen Resort will give you a front seat to all the action! The futuristic igloo will cost you about R5300 a night – make sure to book in at the peak season for the lights.

The Bubble Hotel – France

Have you ever wanted to sleep in a bubble? Well, down in France you can book a night in a see-through pod, somewhere throughout the countryside. The bubble is tiny at 3.9 metres, but how many people can say they’ve stayed in a bubble and watched the stars for just R1700 a night?

Treehotel – Sweden

Majority of us had treehouses growing up, but this hotel takes it to the next level! The Treehotel in Sweden is designed to look exactly like a birds nest; at 180 square feet it can accommodate a family of four. It may be small, but it has separate bedrooms, a bathroom, living room and even a retractable starcase, all for R7500 a night and R680 extra per kid!

Capsule Hotel – Netherlands

Get in touch with your inner James Bond when you decide to stay in one of this cool, little hotel. These capsules are actually survivor pods that float on the Hague with hammock beds inside. How much will you pay? Just R955 a night.

What will you pick? A vintage trailer, glass igloo or maybe a Swedish bird’s nest? Whatever it may be, make sure to add these kooky places to stay to your bucket list!

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