Tuesday, 1 December 2015

How to make the most of your stopover

Stopovers can really drain a travellers energy. The last thing you want to do when you’re on holiday is disembark at a random airport and pay too much for food, like a crusty cheeseburger. Unfortunately, due to the restrictions of flight, planes have to stop somewhere.

Stopovers can range from the harmless one hour wait to the soul-destroying nine-hour marathon. If you are stuck at the airport, here are a few ways to kill time before you lose the will to live!

Luckily you only have an hour to kill, so you may have time to just stretch your legs, walk up and down a bit, take a look at some water fountains and then you’re back in the metal bird again.

2-3 HOUR
This is not exactly a lifetime, so you’ve got a bit of time to explore the airport, but that’s about all. Hopefully your airport has got a few stores to do some window shopping. Why not go through a few stores, spritz yourself with all the testers and try as many moisturisers as you can!

Depending on the airport, this is not really enough time to leave the airport, but it’s quite a while to be stuck in a cramped seat next to a child stuffing their face with a packet of messy Nik Naks. Once you hit these long hours, the airport you’re at really makes a difference. For example, Changi Airport has a ceiling to floor slide, a butterfly garden, playground, swimming pools, spas, cafes, hotels and so much more!

There’s no point in spending eight hours sitting in an airport, it’s just horrible. Yes, you probably have enough time to go exploring in the city for a few hours, so run free! If you’d rather not rush your exploring, stay a few days in your stopover country and take advantage of the fact that you’re already there.

Don’t begin to plot how to best seek revenge on your travel agent when you’re stuck in a 7 hour stopover, rather use these tips and make the most of it, or at least try make it less painful!

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