Friday 15 January 2016

10 Ways to beat the heat in Cape Town

Cape Town is a top summer destination and with good reason. Sultry summer days are always going to attract people to beaches and rooftop bars across the city. but what about when you want to take a day and just cool off and escape the heat?

Don’t stress, here are the top 10 ways to beat the heat in the Mother City.

1. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. It’s best to try drink at least 2 litres a day plus more!

2. If you are going to be in the sun, always wear sunblock with a high SPF, anything over 50 is good.

3. Wear a hat if you’re going to be outdoors.

4. Wear loose, cool clothing and avoid dark colours.
5. Avoid drinking a lot of alcohol and caffeine as both encourage dehydration.

6. Stay in the shade of visit public buildings with air conditioning.

7. Eat lighter meals like salads and fruits as they will keep you cooler.
8. If you’re going to go for a hike, try going as early as possible to get the morning air and take lots of water with you. Always keep emergency numbers at hand.

9. If you want to go to the beach, try to avoid going between the hours of 11:00am and 3:30pm. The sun only sets at about 8:15pm, so you have lots of time in the evening to go.

10. Try one of the activities below to beat the heat and still have a great time…

- Hit The Ice Station at Grand West for some ice skating
- Try a few scoops of ice cream. Try Sinful Ice Cream Emporium, The Creamery, Ice Dream, etc.
- Go indoors for a show at the Theatre on the Bay, The Fugard, Playhouse, etc.
- Take a dip in a swimming pool. Sea Point Pavilion Swimming Pool, Camps Bay Tidal Pool, etc.
- Stroll through the museums of Cape Town
- Visit a waterpark. The Blue Rock Cable Waterski or The Water Slides in Muizenberg
- Go snorkeling and chill with a seal
- Enjoy ice cold beer tasting at Boston, Jack Black’s or Mitchell’s
- Read a book in a shady spot at Kirstenbosch Gardens
- Tour a cool distillery in Stellenbosch

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