Friday 25 March 2016

4 tips to help you plan the best family Easter holiday

Easter is the holiday to spend quality time with your family, so make sure your Easter break is more successful and imaginative than ever before with these 4 helpful tips.

1.) Get the children involved

Don’t worry children with budget or duration, let them explore and find out what works for them as a holiday – an adventure holiday, activity, with family, or a beach holiday slightly out of season. Let them explore the web, you’ll get them excited before they even go!

2.) If you’re not booking into a hotel, consider renting a holiday home

Holiday homes are much better value during Easter than during the summer holidays. Remember you can negotiate a much better rental rate when you contact them directly.

3.) The temperature is ideal for adventure holidays

Decide what activities you want to be doing while you’re on your holiday. Based on that decision, you can choose your destination. For this time of the year, cycling and hiking is ideal.

4.) Choose a destination where Easter is celebrated differently

For example in France, they celebrate Easter time with seafood and lots of chocolate, but instead of chocolate eggs and bunnies everything is in the shape of seafood. Anyone feel like a chocolate fish or prawn?

Let the whole family join in on the Easter break planning, plus put these tips to good use, and you’ll be sure to have the best family Easter holiday.

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