Tuesday, 17 June 2014

South African Airports - Embracing Mobile Technology

Good news travellers! ACSA just made travelling more convenient with the unveiling of its free Airport App. This app will assist travellers navigate airports with the help of a detailed airport map, developed in conjunction with TomTom and Micello Indoor Maps.  It's available for Android, Apple and Blackberry (except the Q and Z series) devices and forms part of the first phase to introduce innovative solutions to improve efficiency at ACSA airports.

So, what exactly does the app do?

  1. It will facilitate fast and efficient airline & parking reservations and boasts an in-app parking cost calculator;
  2. it will enable passengers to search for shops & restaurants (by category, terminal or name), airline & travel information, as well as weather reports; 
  3. passengers will be able to plan transport/shuttles to and from the airport - traffic updates enable travellers to plan their trip to the airport more effectively. There are listings and contact details of the car rental companies, Gautrain, taxis, and airport shuttle services;
  4. travellers can search for flights via flight number or an advanced search option as well as checking in online - once the flight is activated, any changes related to the flight will be visible to the passenger on their mobile device;
  5. the app will contain a list of the airlines that operate at the respective airports, as well as their contact numbers;
  6. there is also a list of frequently asked for information and contact details for the Customer Care department.

ACSA did their homework and the research shows that almost 40% of their customers are the Gen-Y group: tech-savvy and between the ages of 16 – 35. These travellers want convenience, a seamless “virtual airport” experience and reliable self-service options.

Whether we like it or not, technology is here to stay and the Airports Company South Africa is doing what all successful businesses are doing: taking advantage of emerging tech to respond to customer demands.

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Written by: Christine Kleyn

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