Monday, 30 June 2014

You might be sitting next to a stalker

Travel-stalking, it's a thing now...

So you're planning a trip: you've got your travel plans down to a T.  Flight booking, check. Passport, check.  Private airport shuttle, check - you don't want to be bugged by a bunch of strangers right at the start of your trip.  All is going according to plan, but hang on, you're being watched!  Certain airlines allow you to pick who you want to sit next to via Facebook. This feature is available when you check in online between 24 and 2 hours before your flight.


This makes travelling a little creepy - as if sitting next to a stranger for a few hours wasn't bad enough, now that stranger might have chosen you as a seat buddy! 

My initial reaction was: “Oh cr*p! What about kids travelling by themselves?!”  I often see kids travelling alone to visit a parent or relative…surely this opens yet another doorway for creepy predators?

Thankfully our national carrier didn't up the ante a la Virgin America with their flirting service where you can send drinks or a snack to someone you fancy via the in-flight entertainment system. Being watched and hit on in a confined space where you can’t escape… no. Just NO, Sir Branson.

We vote NO. Stop this madness!

Written by: Christine Kleyn
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