Friday, 23 January 2015

How to sleep peacefully on a plane!

Everyone can agree that traveling can be a stressful task. Whether you are flying a short distance or flying to the other side of the world, the stress is all the same. Short travels seem to be a little easier as they are over before you know it, however the long flights seem to last for what seems an eternity. The better prepared you are for a flight the better the experience. Here are some tips on how to get some proper sleep on those long tedious journeys.

     ·         Plan your journey carefully 
When planning your itinerary, it is smarter to opt for the non-stop flight. There is nothing worse than getting comfortable and drifting off to a deep sleep and being interrupted only to change planes. However if your flight plan doesn't have a non-stop flight option, try choosing an option with the longest single leg as this will give you ample resting time and you’ll have more uninterrupted time to snooze.

When choosing a seat, remember that the closer to the front of the plane you are the quieter your flight will be. If you have miles saved up and you’re able to splurge for the longest single leg flight, it would be wise to opt for the business-class. If you aren't able to afford such luxury’s, a smarter option will be choosing a window seat in the Emergency exit row, you won’t be disturbed by neighbours and you will have all the room you need to stretch out.

     ·         Dress for comfort
When getting dressed and ready for your flight it is important to remember that you are not entering a beauty pageant, you are about to sit in a seat for a lengthy period and there is nothing worse than being in clothes you can’t truly relax in. In your carry on it is a good idea to pack a pair of comfortable pyjama bottoms and some woolly socks. When the plane has reached its cruising point and you are able to get up and walk around you should use this opportunity to brush your teeth, wash your face and climb into something a little more comfortable. Once you return your seat please keep your seatbelt buckled at all times.

     ·         Prepare your body
Keep hydrated during the day so you can avoid eating and drinking on the plane and adding unnecessary bathroom breaks. Most people will use sleeping pills and other prescription sleeping aids to help them get some rest, its recommended that you consult a medical professional before jumping to these extremes. If the sleeping pills don’t work people jump to alcohol as the next best thing, however its probably the worst. Alcohol coupled with the dry air can cause you to dehydrate and make you wake up with nightmares. Avoid caffeine and sugar; rather drink sips of water but not too much as you’ll be running to the restroom every hour.

If none of these tips help and you still find you are struggling to sleep, you can always rest. Switching on a movie will just waken you more; try closing your eyes with some music on and lay back, more often than not you’ll land up getting some sleep in. If you don’t get any sleep at all at least you’ll be more rested than if you had been fully alert the entire flight.

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